An Introduction

Hello! For those of you who may or may not know (depending on if you actually know me or are just from blog land), Fredrik (my boyfriend) and I are attending an 18th century ball at Kalmar Castle in Kalmar Sweden in October. [Click Here for Info--It's in Swedish FYI]. And as a result, there has now been a need for a full 1780s-90s men suit (shirt, breeches, waistcoat, coat, cravat, lacey bits, stockings, shoes, etc), and a Zone gown for me. (Have 1 crappy shift made in 4 hours, shoes and stockings and stays. Wish to make new stays, gown, petticoat, bumroll.) So, I am a fairly regular blogger with my blog 'Scotland Bound', and I decided to create a new blog dedicated to my 18th century creations.

Here's what you need to know:

I started my clothing adventure as an intern with the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. I worked at the Margaret Hunter Millinery Shop in the historic trades department and alongside the curator of costumes and textiles with the decorative arts museum at CW. While I was at CW I was trained on 18th century women's clothing construction, design, sewing, etc. etc. This was in 2007. I've visiting CW regularly since, and am now finishing up my masters at the university of Glasgow with my dissertation revolving around comfort and women's clothing in the 18th century. I am an avid and passionate fan of the 18th century, and espically women's clothing. I have been trained in women's clothing, and have made several different bits, and my most recent project can be seen on my Scotland Bound blog. On top of that jacket I have also made a robe a l'anglais (nightgown) while visiting cw for a week, petticoats, shifts, etc. I sew everything by hand (unless i was in a desperate hurry= crappy shift, but whatevs) and I prefer to sew with that method.

With the pieces that I am constructing, I will be enlisting the help of a few people, first is Brooke, who will be drafting my gown for me, and given me general advice all around (cause she's awesome). Second is Fredrik, because Most of the stuff I'm making is for him, and by God, he's contributing. Third is whoever is around and willing to pick up a needle. I don't want to be in a panic a week before the ball trying to finish anything. I want it done and neatly folded in a box waiting to go to sweden. (we'll see if that happens).

I will be posting images etc with my influences for the pieces I'm making, and hopefully a wonderfully long and elaborate blog about the amazingness that will be my swedish masquerade ball adventure.

Enjoy and feel free to comment advice anything at will. :)


  1. Hi there how are you?

    I was reading your posts and found your
    blog interesting. I want you to come and
    visit mine here in Broken Arrow.

    I hope we can become blog friends and
    Maybe follow each other?

    I hope to hear from you soon,


  2. I am so excited about your project...and that I get to help! I wish I could take a year off and be your personal mantuamaker as you know I've got about 20 different things I want to design, drape and make for/with you! Looking forward to seeing how these outfits turn out.


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