Men's Shirt

So the first official project of the masquerade ball project is Fredrik's shirt. (why god? why?)

So, if anyone knows anything about 18th century clothing, Shifts and Shirts are basically the more boring and painful garment you can deal with...especially if you're going to follow the rules very closely (yeah right 20-25 stitches per inch- dream on.). It wasn't actually that bad for Fredrik and I. First, because there was 2 of us making 1 garment and 3 I wasn't very concerned about the 20-25 stitches per inch rule. It isn't like he is going to wear this on a daily basis (even though I have told him about that whole 'men in linen shirts with big sleeves' thing is quite the turn on--- he thinks he looks like a nerd.)

Anyways, it was a 'simple' weekend project that consisted of Fredrik doing what I told him to do (while whining about why I hadn't brought Gunther my sewing machine along [off topic: I seem to name my sewing materials 'G' names. My mannequin I aquired from a drive-way is named Gertrude and my sewing machine is Gunther...odd]

The pattern that Fredrik and I used was from This oh-so often visited site. I know it's a 1760s shirt pattern, and Fredrik and I are going for the mid to late 1780s look, but it'll do just fine.

Anyways, I succeeded in the power of wills and the shirt has been completely hand sewn with no machine use what-so-ever. (Which is how I like it done...I feel a bit like a fraud if I use a machine..even though some cases call for it .... like making a pair of stays in a week...different post.)

Other than that, there really isn't much to say. Fredrik and I followed the instructions very carefully on the site, and everything went really well. The only think I wish I would have done differently is the length of his sleeves. He's got such long limbs that it's always obvious that patterns are going to be to short for him (he's over 6'4"), so I just did a quick fit of length, and went for it...I think they're ok...but he would like them we'll see. We might have to take them in if they're too uncomfortable in his coat that he'll be wearing...which is definitely late 18th Century.

The instructions were great and really easy to follow as well, so if you're wanting to make a men's shirt or a shift, the website was great. :)

I don't have any pictures at the moment...but will eventually post some whenever the time comes.


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