101 uses for a cheap duvet

So today has been a productive sewing day, but not that productive for my dissertation (18th century clothing and comfort: stays). Last night, I finished off my bodice and made eyelets for the boning in the back of the bodice. I only have reed at the moment, so i sanded the edges down with a nail file and cut them to size...and that's what i'm using at the moment for more structure in the back of the gown. If it doesn't sit well in the finished product, then I'll change it out for something else. I'm trying to avoid spending oodles of money (too late.) so if I can use my reed instead of spiral steel...I'm going to. So the bodice is ready to go, and next up is the skirt and the sleeves and then that's it except for trim.

This morning, I finally bit the bullet and finished my stays. So the shoulder straps are on and eyelets are completed. I'm not thrilled with my sewing of the shoulder straps, but as long as they hold, I'll be fine with it...no one is going to see them anyhow. It wasn't a lot of work, but it was very time consuming. Lining the shoulder straps in linen tape took ages, because though the strap is small..i have to slip stitch both sides. blah. The eyelets also took too long because of how awkward it is to sew on a garment that is filled with wood. It's not the easiest thing in the world to handle. But now it's done, and I have successfully made myself a pair of stays! (huzzzah!) Too bad I can't really get into them because they're back lacing and I'm too lazy to fight with myself, or to harass my Chinese flatmate, Iris.

I was going to work on the skirts of my gown today, but then I just couldn't remember the measurements for them, and I wasn't in the mind set to crunch numbers, when I realized that I still need a bumroll. Well, what turns into a great 3 hour project? A bumroll!

I actually am finding the bumroll project quiet enjoyable. I just kinda made it up as I went along. I had a general idea of how to do it and how i wanted it to look, so here's the low down:


First thing I did was measure my hips, and then I measured from where I wanted my bumroll to start. I decided on my hip bones as the beginning of the rollage. (Again, I have no idea if this is standard protocol, but it feels like it is.) From there i just kinda took the measuring tape to the musling and made a semi circle to the size and fiddled with it till it looked about right. I roughly marked it with a pencil. From there I just drew the bumroll out until it looked good for me. I did a gradual crescent shape so i would still have some extra width at the hips, but I made sure the back was wider than the sides so that way there was more umph. I did a 'test' fit (i.e. taking the piece of fabric around my waist to make sure I liked it) and I was very pleased with it. From there I cut out the second piece. I didn't add any seam allowance...this isn't exact science anyways. Pretty straight forward really. Just made sure it sat right on the hips, was the right size and made the roll to the width I wanted.


From there, I did a quick stitch job. Of course, if Gunther was always plugged in and ready to go, I would have just done this on him. However, he's not, and I'm too lazy to take the machine out and go set it up etc. Plus, I have to do it in the kitchen, and I didn't feel like leaving my computer, since I"m chatting with my mother. So I just did about 3-4 running stitches and a back stitch all the way around leaving a hunk in the middle open to stuff it with and turn it inside out so it looked right. Quick & painless.

1 problem. I had not stuffing for the roll, and I really didn't feel like having this project layover until I got up off my rear to go and spend money on poly fill. So, I sat and thought about my options. There were stacks of phone books in the hall way I considered, but they could be flattened, and also make noise when I moved. So, no. then there is socks/underwear, but I need those. So, no. Pillow? no. My only pillow is down, and I love it, and the other 2 are owned by the Student Housing Company so I'd get fined.

Option? My double sized duvet I bought from Primark! (My brilliancy holds no bounds in this matter) I bought an extra duvet for when I have visitors and I also use it when I'm in my room alone, using the duvet that was supplied to me as a mattress pad, because a straw mat is more comfortable than what I sleep on. Well, I am throwing it out anyways/donating it, when I leave glasgow, so I might as well use it for something more beneficial (like an 18th century bumroll?). I only needed a little bit, and the duvet was so large that it wasn't going to make an impact. So, I took out a corner of the duvet, cut a hole large enough for a few fingers, and went to town!

I have to say that it worked brilliantly, and the duvet was mended up no problem. That just saved me 5 quid and a trip to Mandors!

So now, my bumroll is finished, my stays are finished, and my bodice to my gown is finished.

Dissertation...not so much. :/


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