Progress and Censorship

Well, I have decided, I need a bigger bum roll. There is just something about it...It's a good size for more moderate garments, but I have so many small deep pleats, that the bum roll is being can't see it from the gown, in my it seems a bit silly to have such a small bum roll for such a grand gown. (however, how would I have known this until after finishing the skirt? hmmm Oh well, I have plenty of stuffing in my duvet!)

I finished pleating my skirt and attaching it to the bodice today. It went really easily...kinda.

getting the pleating to work with the width needed was tricky. Sadly, my pleats aren't that even any more, however there are so many of them, and they are so deep, I do not think anyone would notice...or bother to even notice...I have issues.

My boobs look like wild animals being released from a cage they have out grown. It's absolutely ridiculous and broderline indecent (and that's saying a lot coming from me...I must be getting older...)

I hope I purchased enough organza to make a kerchief with...I'm going to feel really inappropriate I think without one.

The boning in my bodice isn't working for me, no give, so i'm goign to see what it looks like w/o boning and then if i don't like the look of that, then purchase spiral..

I have also figured out that my bodice is so tightly fitted that my petticoat cannot be very full. Which will actually be quite nice because I think that means I should have some extra fabric left over which I have plans for. (cut away jacket? yes please.)

This is also the first time I've worn my stays completely finished, I am happy to say that I managaed to get them on, all be it slowly, but got them on. They're pretty comfortable, I got a tab digging into my left side, but I'm also sitting crooked, if i sit properly, then nothing is diggin into anything...bad posture= pain. Brilliant.

I have some pictures...and the chest issue might make them a bit racy, I covered up when I remember I had a cotton that made it a bit less embarrassing..

the pictures are a bit grainy but I was fighting with the flash..

let me know what you think...


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