an elephant, a ditz, and a bumroll walk into a student room

and the bum roll has disappeared?

I re-did my bum roll. I took it in about 2 inches and then over stuffed it. I left the extra fabric onthe bum roll because it helps hold out the gown's fabric just that little bit more, but not too much to not look right. Then I realized that it kind of looks like an elephant mask. (And then I proceeded to entertain Fredrik via skype with my elephant impressions with my bumroll on my head...oh good god I'm bizarre when I'm bored.)

Now...for some reason. I can't find my bumroll. It's not like it's small...I think it's under my bed...if not...some pervert has been sneaking into my room and stole my bumroll..


Still need to make up my sleeves...cannot be bothered...need to do them this week though so I don't have to deal with them at home! bah!


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