Incroyables-Mens 1790s

Major updates- I promised. Major Updates- now delivered.

I just returned back to Europe from a 2 week vacation at home with my boyfriend Fredrik. During those two weeks, we spent 2.5 days in Williamsburg, Virginia (um...for all of those European readers check out and start planning a vacation. ;) ). While there, I had asked Neal and Mark- the two tailors (apprentice and master in that order) for some help and advice with Fredrik's costume. I had acquired some ideas over what to do, but men's clothing is not my specialty .... at all. I enjoy studying extant examples for the amazing embroidery work that you can find, but construction and exact history is a different story. I'm not bad, I can definitely tell a later suit from an earlier suit, but I'm not that great either.

Well, in my desperate attempt to create 2 amazing costumes for Fredrik and I to wear to the Masquerade Ball at Kalmar in October, I decided to sew Fredrik's costume. Plus, I enjoy giving myself ridiculous challenges (I do this all too often).

Anyways- I asked Mark and Neal to help me. My intention was only for advice over little things like neckware, hair, sewing tips, tailoring tips etc etc. Well, Mark and Neal gave me and Fredrik the surprise and gift of a life time, and I'm still speechless from their generosity.

Mark and Neal patterned an entire 1790s suit for Fredrik! Breeches? Check. Waistcoat? Check. Coat? Check. All made to measure. All measured with their incredibly confusing technique of measuring with a strip of paper. We still have the paper measurements as a souvenir.

The concept of Fredrik's look is based off of 3 main things. First: My gown. It's later 1780s-90s. Second: Fredrik's hair (very Swedish? Styled, messy, and edgy). Third: The dates of the masquerade (end of the century).

So what does this mean? Fredrik will be attending attired in the Incroyable fashion. I can't believe it. When I was originally planning for this event, I immediately thought about how I would love to dress Fredrik in the Incroyable fashion, due to Fredrik's innate rockstar/sex appeal/personality. (I've never seen a man work a can of hairspray better). Plus Fredrik has a great jaw line, and I just thought about how a nice high collar with cravat will be delicious with Fredrik's bone structure.

So, his costume has been changed. His coat is now a beautiful drap green/olive fine wool broadcloth. I purchased it direct from Angela at His waistcoat is still the same. His breeches are now of a brown knit fabric that was very fashionable during the 1790s. I got to examine Mark's pair, and the construction looks simple enough, as long as the length is right for Fredrik's legs. Mark patterned in some wiggle room, and as you can see in the picture there there is plenty of room for choice with the length of the breeches. So that's a HUGE relief.

I'm bursting with excitement over these developments. My only concern is that Fredrik is going to look better than me at the ball...haha

So on my to do list now is

Finish the trim on my gown and attach the sleeves.

Construct petticoat and add trim.

Buy tracing paper for the patterns, thread, and then begin tracing out the patterns

Cut and begin construction on Fredrik's pieces.

Order masks.

Find linen for Fredrik's cravat.

Find...ehmm...size 13 women's shoes for Fredrik to wear?...problem.


  1. exciting! I love how you went off Fredriks hair!

  2. Oh- I am so excited it is difficult to put it into words. He does have great hair so I am happy that he gets to be more 'natural' with his hair than trying to pursue other's just more him.

    ...and I can't wait to put him in ladie's shoes...hahaha!

  3. Just in case you didn't know: the incroyables were gay.

  4. Just in case you didn't know, the concept of homosexuality did not exist until 1893, and so it is technically impossible to be considered 'gay' before then. Culturally the concept did not exist. Secondly, snide homophobic comments are unappreciated along with cowardice of being an anonymous commenter. Grow a pair and add a name. Thanks for playing.


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