Trims and Hems

Well, I wasn't as incredibly as proactive when I was home in America for 2 weeks in my sewing as I wished. However I did succeed in adding my trim and working on the hem.

Trim was easy. It's brushed fringe. I pinned it on and then stitched it down. I sewn it all around the neckline, the space between the red and ivory bodice pieces, and then down the front of the gown. I added 3 rows of fringe on the cuff of my sleeves. I began with 1 and did not think it was enough. Too plain. Then added a second row with a space between the first row. Too Victorian. Moved up the 2nd row to below the first. Better. Added 3rd row. Perfect. It's a nice full effect and adds a great deal of texture and depth to the sleeve. I'm quite satisfied.

My hem I am mildly dissatisfied with, but I think it will be fine. I had such a great deal to cut off in the front, it made sewing it difficult to create an even hem...along with fighting the train. However due to the wealth of fabric I have with this gown, it is difficult to see the hem in it hides my faults. So it'll be fine.

I have pictures of my gown on Gertrude my sluttly mannequin, but they're on Fredrik's camera, which is currently en route to Sweden (which is also why I can access my computer to one taking it away from me to check his facebook...hhaha)



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