Why traveling is annoying.

I will be/have made 2 major flight trips within the past/next two weeks. The first being from glasgow-home, home-glasgow, glasgow-sweden.

I manage to leave little bits everywhere. My red sewing silk for my gown is at home=i can't attach my sleeves until I get it....Or i might just go and buy a new spool if i can't wait.

I have to divide up all of my fabric/pieces/sewing materials to send to Sweden because if I was to just take the masquerade materials alone, I would be over Ryanair's allotment.

2 monsterous packages 15 kilo suitcase and a 10 kilo carryon...I think I'm finally ready to go to Sweden, but I was going to sew the days I was here...but now I can't... :(


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