Amy, who is a dear friend and fantastic sewer has volunteered to create the buttons needed for Fredrik's coat. Why? Cause she's awesome (and I think is secretly excited to send something to Sweden...Fredrik's address has the three extra letters in the alphabet in it...and she seemed very enthusiastic by this prospect.. hehe ;) ). Today my beloved blackberry buzzed at me and when I checked to see what it was...to my surprise it was Amy with a beautiful button! Words cannot describe how excited I am about her doing this for me...

I feel very lucky that I have so many friends that are more than happy to contribute to this ridiculous project of mine... in one sense I think to myself 'i should do it all on my own' and try to do it all myself..but then I think about it again...and I am just so grateful to have friends that are so supportive and enthusiastic about the project that they offer help me. It reminds me how I am blessed to have great friends. They don't have to do this, but they want to. I'm so appreciative of them. I am actually very proud that my costumes (most specifically Fredrik's) will have little touches from my friends. Patterning from Mark and Neal, buttons from Amy...things like that..their extra touch will make his costume even more special that night.

And of course Brooke for always being on the ready to sew and to drape whenever we get to see each other! (Now if only she would publish her first blog post on here.... hehehe) ;) The fit of my gown is amazing...Brooke did an incredible job with the pattern and the back!

Thank you Amy for that picture of the button! It made my day! <3 <3


  1. So can you get Amy to email you a picture of the button so you can post it for us all to see...so excited that your project is coming together!

    And yes I will work on my blog post today...

  2. She sent it to me on my blackberry...I do want to ask her to send that pick to my email...it's ah-mazing! :)


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