I bought, cut, basted, and modeled Fredrik's cravat for him on skype.

He thinks it looks ridiculous.

I think it looks....



2 more things. 1. YAY for Brooke Posting! Huzzah! It's a fine post I think! 2. Apparently the commenting on this blog has been wonky, and I have been unaware. It's been fixed. Everyone can comment now! (so please would be lovely!) :) :)


  1. I'm with you on awesome - though your expression is pretty hilarious!

  2. haha thanks! It was actually REALLY comfy and warm and soft...I think I'm going to start wearing one as a part of everyday outerwear. It was quite thick because it had just come out of the dryer and is desperate for an iron...but I was satisfied with it. I really enjoy the black lines of it...

    Fredrik however...needs some warming up to the idea...he'll come around...he always does....;)


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