Petticoat- Check.

This weekend I re-began my silk petticoat for my gown. I originally made on before I came to sweden...or at least part of one, but I cut the panels too narrow to pleat nicely and incorporate my monster bum. So since I had extra silk that was originally intended for Fredrik's breeches, I just opted to remake the bumroll instead of fighting with the other (i'll make something else from it....fabric is never a waste..hehe). So today I finished it. It was bit of a challenge with the fit because of the bum. Here's what I did.

Planning and Construction:

 I first put on my bumroll and did 3 measurements. First one is around my waist to know how big the petticoat will need to be. Secondly I measure waist to floor front and then waist to floor back. There was a few inches difference. I measure out the length on the silk and then decided to make the panels 36 inches wide. After cutting this I became mildly concerned I had mde the same mistake again with the panels, but it did not turn out to be the case.

From there I attached the pieces together and backstitched the side seams. After that I hemmed the skirt with a nice 1 inch hem. Of course you don't see this, but that's beside the point. I then pleated the panels to around 16 inches on either side. Then after I made those I had fredrik help me with fitting the petticoat over the hem and the bumroll. From there he marked where my waistband should be, and then I made the ties and slipped stitched them down. Once the basic construction was finished I then got out my trim (which looks fabulous by the way with the petticoat) and attached that. Voila! It's finished! Not too much work, and that means I'm just that much closer to being finished with all my it's time to return to the breeches and the coat...just gotta get those monsters out of the way....


  1. Oh it must feel so good to have that out of the way. Sounds like you didn't have much trouble shaping the waist. Yeah for Frederik helping...maybe he should reconsider this engineering future and you two could just go into costume making business instead...


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