Waistcoat Pictures and Fredrik being silly....

I love my boyfriend. He's such a good sport. I'm pretty happy with the fit so far. I still have to put the silk on the insides so the flaps are not of white linen but of the silk instead, and I still need to do some hemming and finish the arms eyes and then create the button holes and attach the buttons then the waistcoat will be finished. Next is the breeches...the pattern is currently being pinned to the fabric and will probably be cut tomorrow morning or afternoon once I reach a good stopping point with the waistcoat! Enjoy the pictures...and my silly Fredrik.

...oh and I need to fix his shirt sleeves... merrrrr


  1. SO way cooooooooool

    Great pic of Fredrik...:)

  2. Ok...I've thought about this...I think Fredrik has a future in modeling......

  3. Isis- thanks!

    Mom- I've always thought Fredrik has model potential...that great bonestructure of his..he's just absolutely clueless as to how to take pictures. He doesn't realize that he just has to put his chin down a bit and stare at me to make the photo work. I should buy him headshots as a birthday gift or something to just prove to him he can do it. ehehe

  4. Wow, Fredrik is beautiful! You lucky girl. The waistcoat's nice too by the way ::teehee::

  5. Hungarican Chick- haha I know! He inherited some good Swedish genetics that's for sure! :D Thanks for the comment, I'm definitely going to pass it on to Fredrik!! :) :) :)


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