Breeches and a Coat

Woooo! Breeches are finished! I did the last stitch yesterday and Fredrik has been wearing them and they look very good for being a first go around. I'll post pictures the next time I can get him in them (which is next weekend at the latest seeing as how that's when the ball is..

on that note, I'm starting to freak out about my is what I still have left
1. coat- cut out and begin attaching pieces..

2. Add buttons to the waistcoat

3. fix Fredrik's shirt (it's too big for the breeches..if that makes sense.. I need to trim off a lot so he doens't have bunching issues) and add buttons to the cuffs

4. hem his cravat

5. he needs to refit my sleeves and I need to attach them

6. sew down the last foot of trim onto my gown

7. blargh! I need to do elbow ruffles! bah! Damnit!

I have a lot to do.



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