Or...Death Head Buttons sent with lovvvveee from dear dear oh so talented Amy from Colonial Williamsburg.

I love her for this...and for the cute red striped packaging she sent it in! What do you all think?! Give me some feedback so I can give it to her! They're perfect. I die.

I'm dying. Oh. I can't function.

she also covered a zillion yellow silk buttons for the waistcoat too. That fabric is a pain to work with so her doing that is just.. amazing.

Amy, I love you.


  1. Stunningly beautiful! How on earth can you make such lovely buttons?

  2. Madame Berg- All I know is that it takes a lot of thread, talent, and a hell of a lot of patience to do it. I know that it's an elaborate take on standard Death Head buttons, but I can't even imagine how Amy did these- very quickly might I add- and had them turn out perfectly. I mean, they're *perfect* I can't find a flaw. MMinC told her that she should start selling her button skills...and I totally agree...she did a fantastic job.

  3. Again I come here to watch in awe - wow! Impossible to believe that's just thread, the surface looks more like pieces of striped fabric sewn together (which is what I would've done to get a similar look, LOL)...

    Yes, she should start selling button skills like NOW!

  4. It is definitely unexpected. She used button hole twist or quilters weight silk thread so the thread is very thick (the black lines are a single thread). I think I'm going to talk to her about opening up a shop on esty selling her button skills...because I mean, though making your own gowns and costumes is fun, I'd rather pay Amy to make these. :)


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