3 Insights
  1. Sorry to hear the sleeves came out too tight...guess we took them in too much after they were too big. I will do a little entry on your page about the joys of cutting sleeves...maybe i can even get Ryan to take some photos of me doing it for myself...

    Love the trim!!!!

  2. Hey! It's not your fault..I'm pretty sure I have too much seam allowance and that's what caused the issue. :) I'd rather have them tight than too loose anyways..no fun looking like a big armed linebacker in an 18thC gown.. haha! Glad you like the trim! I'm really pleased with it...the fringe on the petticoat is way pretty too! Feel free to post bout the sleeves too :) :)

  3. It looks super! And think about it - the very-tight sleeves will probably give you a great posture ;)

    About masks in Sweden: found http://tinyurl.com/ydyk7g6

    and low-budget versions http://tinyurl.com/yegfgbn (but I love that crappy web design)


    All of these were founf by googling "masker venetiansk"