I have finally have sleeves....pinned..

This week I finally recieved my red silk thread that I stupidly (and very annoyingly) left at home in America when I was there in August. As a result I have not been able to work on my gown almost at all since I've been back in Europe. So last night, I pinned Fredrik into a corner and forced him to work his sleeve fitting magic on my gown (he's so amazingly good at it....I just don't know how to explain it!) We managed to get both sleeves on last night, but there were some problems. The underside of the sleeves are pinned 'over' the bodice fabric while the top of the sleeves are 'under' well there was a problem with getting the sleeves to reach where they needed to go...we're a bit short on fabric. However it just means that my sleeves are a bit shorter than what I would have liked, but I need the sleeves to be attached to my body more than their length.

So right now they're pinned to the gown and today I'm going to stitch them down very carefully. The sleeves are really tight so I don't want to run the risk of busting a stitch or seam. (I can't move my arms to reach my face kind of thing...it's a bit humorous.) My stitiching will be a nice top stitch on the top part of the sleeve and then backstitching on the inside lower parts of the sleeve. I will do at least 2 rows of backstitching on the bottom for extra security and support.

Oh and another annoyance...I hemmed petticoat too much and now it's a bit shorter than what I wanted. I don't have time and it's not a priority to fix at the moment, Fredrik's stuff is taking up my life...so if I have time before the ball then I'll fix it...if not...I wont be that bothered.

OH and a question for the Swedish ladies...does anyone know of a venetian mask seller in Sweden. I can find them in Amsterdamn, Prague, UK and Itay...but not in Sweden (don't quite get why they're selling them in Prague..maybe I'm missing a connection....hmmm...)

Ok now for some sneak preview pictures! (I've done some crappy photoshopping to hide a distracting flat and to crop out my face etc and have a little fun...like..accidently discovering how tI create an 'antique' looking image..like...a mid 20th century photograph...oh the little things in life.. hehe) You can also see a little of how we did the sleeves on the top with the fabric peeking out...Fredrik's very good at getting a smooth shoulder like. I was originally going to top stitch the pleats on the sleeve down (there is a gown in the Liverpool National Museums' Collection that has this lovely little design feature. I think it is 1. really interesting, but also a nice way to have a smooth shoulder line without putting up a huge fight with the sleeves. And it is historically accurate..someone in the 18thC did it..so can you! :] )

 This is the back of my gown (with some shaky photoshopping).
A view of my sleeve and part of my bodice with some brushed fringe trim.


  1. Sorry to hear the sleeves came out too tight...guess we took them in too much after they were too big. I will do a little entry on your page about the joys of cutting sleeves...maybe i can even get Ryan to take some photos of me doing it for myself...

    Love the trim!!!!

  2. Hey! It's not your fault..I'm pretty sure I have too much seam allowance and that's what caused the issue. :) I'd rather have them tight than too loose anyways..no fun looking like a big armed linebacker in an 18thC gown.. haha! Glad you like the trim! I'm really pleased with it...the fringe on the petticoat is way pretty too! Feel free to post bout the sleeves too :) :)

  3. It looks super! And think about it - the very-tight sleeves will probably give you a great posture ;)

    About masks in Sweden: found http://tinyurl.com/ydyk7g6

    and low-budget versions http://tinyurl.com/yegfgbn (but I love that crappy web design)


    All of these were founf by googling "masker venetiansk"


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