It's that time of year again!

Well, first off I want to say 'Hi 20 followers!' I was really surprised yesterday when I logged on to see that I had 20 followers to this blog now, so I just want to say 'hello!' I will hopefully have something to blog about soon, after a question over 'working class' dress in the historical sewing fourm I was given another idea of topics to write about.

Like there are misconceptions about stays and comfort, it seems that there are some misconceptions about fabric and class, and also the types of clothes worn. I'm still trying to figure out (more personally than anything) the logistics of posting images online in the blog that are not mine, and still being able to provide an interesting and useful posts about costume history. So once I have some time on my hands (and I have access to my books...I have none in Sweden) I will start posting more informative posts.

And also my uncoming projects that will be massively large and basically a little stupid on my part to dive into (but that makes it fun right?! :) )

Anyways, since the holiday season is coming around the bend (less than 2 months till Christmas! WOO!) I thought it would be time to start our christmas lists for all those costuming needs.

With that I'm going to send you all to my lovely friend Mantua Maker in Cairo's blog, Adventures in Mantua Making where she has organized and compiled a crazy large list of costuming books for every century and need it seems like. I'm too lazy to do it myself, but I highly reccommend you check out what she's posted, along with her writings. She has posted on here a couple of times, specifically regarding cutting and draping of my gowns, etc. She is a real journeywoman in mantuamaking and millinery (I'm pretty sure she has papers and everything). She's studied 18th century women's clothing and has made it for over 8 years now, so this means she really knows her books. So, fellow costumers, get your wishlists ready because you're going to want some of the books she's listed! :)

Take care kids and I'll post is halloween....I have to throw together a zombie wedding outfit by tomorrow...any excuse to go shopping. :)


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