Mon Petit Ami Incroyable

So, I got to do a fitting today with Clearly it's not finished yet, but it's definitely a solid sneak preview to the finished product!

I took pictures of him in layers of dressing with some detailed photographs of his breeches since they're finished. I need to work on his shirt, it's too long and he has a lot of extra fabric down there...

This is Fredrik in his shirt and breeches, in a messy flat...please ignore the mess.

Close up of the front of his breeches. They're brown knit with 5 covered buttons and 2 real woven leather buttons. He keeps popping that bottom button out and I don't like that..I wish he would stop. The waist band was too short, so I had to add extra on either side. However I don't think it's that noticable, so I'm not concerned anymore.

 This is just a close up of his leg and the details. The breeches finish just below the knee, even though the look we were going for could have finished as far down as the calf. His legs being so long, it's easier and even more enlongating to end them at the narrowest part of the leg, just below the calf. It is also period for the 1790s to start tieing the breeches with ribbon bows instead of buckles. This means less work...making Abby a happy girl. :)

I've cropped out the messy flat. He's so tall it's hard to get a good shot of him in the room. This is the coat (i die.) It's currently all basted together, and the sleeves are done up. Before I'm finished with it, I still, obviously, have a lot to do, but I really have to shape the bottom, it's very squared off.

I've done 2 of the back seams so far. They have been whipped stitched down, and i still think the coat has some extra room in the back (even though Fredrik's terrified that he's going to bust through the fabric a la the Hulk. I take that as a sign it fits. har har). So what I think I'm going to do is do a tight back stitch below the whipped stitch. Not only will that help take in extra fabric and create a smoother seam, but it will also strengthen the seams so Fredrik wont turn into 'the Hulk'


Here's a close up of what's going on up close. Nice wide flaps of the fashion, nice wide flaps of the waist coat. I am so happy with how nicely the colors come together. Anyways- I need to topstitch the flaps together, attach the back to the front, attach the sleeves, finish the sleeves, finish the back pleats, and add the lining.  We pinned two of the amazing new buttons onto the front to get an idea of what they'll look like on. The only thing that hasn't been attached to for your viewing pleasure is his collar, but I'm still trying to figure that out.

I really need to fix his shirt, but it's just not high on the priority list (aka I'll probably hack off the extra fabric that night and not stitch it down). But I need to finish the coat and then attach all those buttons to the waistcoat...which will take a while. At least the breeches are done!

Oh and I need to hem his cravat too. Hopefully he'll have time to fix his shirt and hem his cravat. Those are good jobs for him...

Now it's time to get back to sewing!


  1. This is fantastic! I am so impressed with everything! You had better take some really great pictures at the ball! :)


  2. This is going to be so amazingly awesome! What a perfect couple you two make - you make clothes like a goddess and he will wear them and like it.

    I second Anonymous' request: Ball pictures! (or it didn't happen... :P)

  3. That is a happy-looking man in costume! It's hard enough to get guys to wear sobre 18th c clothes, in my experience, but getting one to wear Incroyables, now THAT is awesome. He looks great!

  4. Isis- Thank you! He's even more stunning in person. When I put the coat on after evertyhing I just started blubbering for a good 5 minutes about how well he wears the clothes and how they suit him...I'm starting to get jealous. :)

    Mom- Duh. Of course I will. :)

    Madame Berg-Thank you so much! I don't think it's my skill as so much I've been blessed with amazing patterns from amazingly talented friends. I am, however, hoping we'll look quite like the 18th century rockstars we're going for. We'll both be rocking black leather masks, fashionable clothing, and big hair. :) I'll take as many pictures as I can. Don't worry!

    ADuch- Yeah, he's funny, I try to take a pictures of him just everyday and he always gives me the most ridiculous faces, but I put him in costume, he immediately becomes photogenic and an 18th century sex symbol...I don't know what it is about him getting into costume that makes him take pictures like that, but I'm not complaining! Even more unusual for him, is he is a black, grey, white only person with his modern clothing, but he was all about color for this costume, even when we were planning his outfit and I told him he could wear all black if he wanted. And thank you for the compliment, I'll pass it on to him! :) :)

  5. awesome job on those clothes! I'm sure once the cravat is on, it'll look even more awesome
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