All's Quiet on the Western Front...

I'm officially on my 7.5 month break from Europe and back at home in good ol' USA. The perks? It's warmer here, sunnier here, and America always does the holidays right...completely over the top. Downside? Fredrik is in Sweden...don't need to say much else. However, in regards to sewing there are several things to look forward too.

During the end of January I am officially succumbing to the Regency period and making myself an 1810 corded corset in assistance with my old bosses and co workers from the Colonial Williamsburg Millinery Shop in association with Burnely and Trowbridge. Every season the create workshops available for the public to learn 18th (or in the this case 19th) century sewing skills to make the best garments possible. So I will be spending a lovely winter weekend with my mother in beloved Williamsburg. I'm very much looking forward to making this corset, as it will help further my understanding of stays/corsets and their comfort.

At the end of March I will finialize my 1810 ensemble by attending the draping workshop in Williamsburg again with the ladies of the Millinery and Burnley and Trowbridge. I'm already considering fabric, and tempted to go 'weird'. I have a print from about 1802 (ish) that is of a white gown with yellow stars on it..and if I could find a cotton with stars on it, I think it would be awesome. I have a history of star printed dresses....

So I think that would be really cool...but I dont know if I would want yellow stars or white stars...I think white stars would be quite pretty and understated...but we'll see. I'm starting to do research on what fabric designs were accurate for the dress so I get a fabric I really like so I will wear it more than once (as I really have no desire to make another one of these again at the moment...) :)

Before doing all of this though, I must make a 19th century shift which will occupy my time around christmas and early January. I also need to remake my 18th century shift into something more appropriate. As for other projects going on..I have 3 yards of printed cotton to fiddle with, a hat to trim and silk to buy for a hopefully upcoming 1770's sacque.

That's it for me at the moment. As for the fellow America readers, I hope you all have a marvelous Thanksgiving holiday and don't suffer too much from the shopping ridiculousness that will follow on Friday. I will be in Ohio with my grandparents and parents celebrating. :)

<3 <3


  1. I am very envious of you being able to take classes there.
    Do me a favor? When you take your class w/ B & T, give Angela a big hug from me. Thank you!

  2. How fun!

    I have a random question.

    I am looking into going to Colonial Williamsburg for vacation, someday. Anyway, I was wondering if adults are allowed to wear accurate costume?

  3. Emmeline: Yeah it should be a good time!

    Val: Will do! :)

    Lauren: Oh yeah people totally do it all the time, but I do have a few suggestions. :) 1. Be prepared for people to think you work there and want to take pictures of you or treat you like you're a part of the museum. 2. When you're in a building that has an interpretation be cautious of guests asking you questions like you work'll have to be good about making sure you don't let them keep talking to you. You wouldn't want to be rude to the trades interpreters and other employees! :) :)

    Now also, there is Rev city that happens in a cycle of 2 days and different dates, one is like 1776 and the other is the early 80's. So dress accordingly ;) It's a great time and Christmastime is BEAUTIFUL..summer is brutally hot. :)


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