Silver Thimbles

Happy Holidays!

Victoria and Albert Museum. 19th Century Christmas Card

I'm currently not sewing anything at the moment, but instead planning and getting things together to start sewing  here in the next few Probably after Christmas, for obvious reasons. Nothing too exciting going on there..hopefully Christmas will have some pretty blog worthy things to post about (if I can find my usb cord to my camera...had to get a new computer and this one is without an sd card reader...) My projects are for myself and for my mom. I have to make a early 19th century shift for my 1810 ensemble and then a 18th century shift for her. (I also have to make myself a new 18th century shift, but that'll probably be at a much late date). Then I need to make an underpetticoat and a short gown for my workshops/mother. (Kill two birds with one stone really with the short gown..)

I have to do all of this by January 22nd or so. At least I will have plenty of practice with my stitching!

And now, I've ..err...edited a Christmas song in honor of us ladies (and gentlemen) who just can't stop sewing, and could use a laugh.

I have to warn you though, I sang it to my mom...and she told me to not quit my day job....

Silver Thimbles (To the Tune of Silver Bells...kinda)

Cotton fabric, linen fabric
Dressed in holiday style
In the air
There's a feeling of great stress
Fitting lacking
Hemming falling
Meeting groan after groan
And in every sewing room you'll hear

Damn, Shoot, Fan! Ouch! Crap! No!
It's sewing time for us ladies
F-M-L, hear them scream
Soon it will be throw away

Strings of ribbon
Even grosgrain
Shine a bright red and green
As the sewers rush home
With their treasures
Hear the silk crunch
See the cats bunch
This will become big scene
And above all the bustle
You'll hear

Damn, Shoot, Fan! No Cats No!
Soon it will be thrown awayyyyyyyyyy

<3 <3


  1. LOL! Love it :-) I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

  2. Thanks Ladies!

    Madame Berg, I think only you and a few other Swedish ladies will get the fan reference... ;) I figured it was a bit better than other choice words i could have included. :):)


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