Elegance, A Book Review


I found this book while getting lunch at the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor's Center last weekend. (Great stuff!) and I got the book HALF price! It's a very large hard back coffee table book too, originally 40usd and I purchased it for 20!

This is my new favorite book. It is my fashion 'Bible' if you will. The photographs are stunning and they are of quirky elite Parisian society from 1900-1939. Mostly of women, your eyes are treated to black and white photographs of incredibly quirky, confident, and beautiful REAL women. Cellulite runs rampant on the summer beach shots. It's comforting, honestly. You see ugly women, beautiful women, skinny women, fat women, and NORMAL women. They are all beautiful and practice the lost art of dressing elegantly. (Photo: August 15, 1936) Oh yeah, they actually have exact dates of the photographs, sometimes the wearer, designer and location. Brilliant? yes.

Elegance is focused solely on the photographs of the French photography fraternal group with the last name of Séeberger. They were the ones who basically founded the concept of fashion/journalistic photography that many of us drool over daily by the Sartorialist. Countless of these images in this book are just as relevant today as it was when the photo was taken.

I'm going to take what I can learn by visually studying these women and take it into my own view of how I dress. No wonder Parisian women are known as being the most fashionable. Our generation has a great deal to learn. Now here are some images from Elegance.

I love everything about this photograph. Her Chanel clothing, her stance, her cloche, expression, and accessories. I want this outfit. June 19, 1927

  Countess Robert de Montjou, gown by Maggy Rouff and hat by Talbot. June 6, 1937

This is another favorite outfit. It is something that is completely modern and fresh today. If only I could find a sweater like that.. (Welly Sisters outfit, August 9, 1928)

I think this is the most stunning portrait...it's mysterious and beautiful. (1912)

 What's the best accessory? A matching dog. Duh. September 1929.

This book is over 200 pages of fashion and photograph history and packed with beautiful images that have yet, and probably will never, grow old.


  1. Just gorgeous! I want that first outfit, too!

  2. I know right? This book is amazing...this doesn't even scratch the surface of the images in the book whatsoever. I kept finding images that I wanted to add to the blog, but then it would have just been ridiculous uploading and picture taking, file transferring, slow internet hating..haha.

    Buy the book. It's worth it. Swear. :)


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