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So, this weekend was my workshop and lovely return to my beloved Williamsburg. Just for a quick recap the workshop was to construct an 1810 corded corset. Along with having quite the adventure with the corset (my thumbs still hurt and I have to re-do the boob guessts...annoying) I acquired some great lovely books that I will also chat about. But I'm a bit pooped so I'm going to work on pictures and such for the books and the corset adventure before posting...and also watch the first episode of the new Emma since I DVR'ed it from last night. :D


  1. How curious! I, who just mentally started on a 1810 corset!

    But don't tell me that bust gussets are annoying, plz? Tell me they're fun, friendly and always easy? Pretty please with a cherry on top? :P

    Seriously, I look forward to your documentation; I have a lot to learn!


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