1 petticoat and 2 caps

So this weekend my mother and I were very busy. Which as a result, caused me to be very busy sewing wise for the whole week. On Friday we decided to attend an 18th century market in Etown, KY. As it turns out it wasn't very large and so we dressed up, went, changed, and went to a great lunch at Cheesecake Factory (try the redvelvet cake/cheesecake...to die for.) and I had my first official Swedish lesson.

So my mother and I could dress up for our 'event' (if you really wanna call it that...) I needed 2 caps and a petticoat for mom. The weekend before we went to Joann's fabric and I bought a pre-quilted navy cotton, in a simple diamond pattern. It's accurate and it would match the gown mom was going to wear brilliantly.

And I totally cheated in constructing it. Since I was in serious time constraints I literally made the petti that evening. I machine stitched the side seams & used poly/cotton navy binding tape. However, I just did not want white binding on the navy petticoat. Mom is not a stickler for accuracy and she was fine with the machine stitching etc. It turned out lovely and Mom was really pleased with it. (she played dress up that night and danced around the house. Earlier that day she had her fur boots on and we danced to Flo-Rida 'Low'...you know..apple bottom jeans bootz wit da furrr song...that's how we spend our days).

However, in all my time costuming, I've never made a cap. Why? Cause they're white and boring and I'd rather do other things. But I really needed a cap. Badly. Mom needed one too. So that meant the rest of the week was spent handsewing two caps. While working. By hand. By Friday morning.

I managed to do it, and I'm fairly pleased with them. I gave mom the first one because the cap was still too small for me (MantuaMakerinCairo gave me great advice) but mom has very short hair so it works for her. I made myself one out of cotton lawn and gave myself plenty of space to hold my fake hair. I'm really really happy with them.

Here are the pictures of my mom and I...and yes, we took them in the bathroom...har har har :D

She's in a linen/cotton nightgown, quilted petticoat and cotton cap with a cotton kerchief...all mine...until now. She's claimed them.

She was just pleased as punch. 

I've cut all my hair off and my bangs are a lot different than what they were, so I have some fringe with the cap. I wore my 1780s red cotton jacket..I've never had a chance to wear it before! and my silk petticoat from the masquerade. I didn't want to, but it was the only petti I had that was wearable and not in need of serious mending. I really should trim that jacket.

Bums! :)
In other news, Mom and I attended a spinning (not the bicycle kind) class and had a great time learning how to spin our own wool. I'm trying to convince mom to buy 2 sheep now. And she's also bought a English sidesaddle. So we'll be busy learning how to ride side saddle this spring! YAY!


  1. You and your mom seem like fun people to hang out with! :D

    And you both look good in your caps, it can be tricky to find a style that suits you but I think you got it spot on. Good work!

    Lycka till med ditt nya jobb som busschaufför!

  2. Such cute pleated caps! Mme Berg is right--finding a suiting style can be tricky. A friend of mine and I made our caps together, and she made an elaborate, multi-layer ruffle one. It was kind of atrocious--we call it the Snow Beast!

    You both look adorable :)

  3. MBerg: tack tack tack :) My mom and I, at least, in my opinion, are fun to hang out with. We live on a farm, so one can get really bored in the winter and come up with funny things to do to entertain ourselves...haha..

    Jag är busschaufför was one of the first things I learned in Swedish (don't ask why). I hope that made you laugh at least a little bit. ...and I actually understood what your wrote back! weeeeeee!!! :D

  4. Rowenna: Thanks so much! I really appreciate it! :) I would like to see a picture of this Snow Beast...sounds awesome! :)

  5. What fun! I would love to learn how to spin.

  6. Lauren: It was a very fun weekend! It was my mother's idea to go to a spinning class and it was very fun...once I finished fighting with the wheel! :) I want to keep doing it, and then use natural dyes and make my own embroidery wool! The place we went too sells the seeds to grow the plants for the natural dyes, and I think they had dyes ready to go.. So I just think that would be so fun! I would bet you would like it too! :)


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