Let's Dicuss...

The awesomeness of Betsey Johnson's Fall 2010 collection, Shall we?

I wont really go into my feelings about the overall styling of her fashion show (I felt like some of it was a bit over the top..over styled..over done..etc..also a bit too..umm..hot topic/14 year old punk wannabe), but individually there are many pieces of greatness. I'll describe it as Anne of Green Gables went on a bit of an acid trip...

...I know....right?

 She's carrying a chicken purse. Yes. I want one.
and the ruffled bloomers! squeeee!

Kelly Osbourne with a 'stache. 


In other news, just working on my 1810 corset.. Blah blah blah. yawn yawn yawn. One side has very large gussets and the other one has moderate gussets...odd...

*Image from Style.com and Designs by the Brilliant Betsey Johnson.


  1. I just looked at it online and the show must have been a wonder to see. I'd like some of those ruffled bloomers!

    If I had that chicken bag, my neighbor would scream, so it might be worth the money!


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