Swedish Visa Update

I don't know how many of ya'll are following this life line or even know about it, but the Swedish Consulate in Chicago has contacted me informing me that my interview for a residence visa is scheduled for the 25th! I'm super excited! That means we're about 1/2 way there. I think after that part information is sent to Sweden where Fredrik has to do his part and then I should get my residence visa very soon!

Soo Excited! :D :D


  1. Exciting! Is it very hard to get a visa? What do one have to do, or prove? I know nothing about these things...

  2. MBerg: Actually for Sweden it's very simple especially in comparison for a US visa or even a UK visa. (I had to fill out a painfully long application for my UK student visa including questions about if I was a participant in Nazi Germany...I just found that funny.)

    For Sweden I'm applying for a Residence visa through a family ties...specifically with the intent of cohabitating with a Swedish citizen. Soooo I can live in Sweden, be on the speed track to Swedish Citizenship just by being Fredrik's girlfriend...just so long as we are in a relationship and live together in Sweden.

    The application process is a bit fun, because you have to 'prove' your relationship by providing pictures, emails, chats, flight tickets, etc. I've even included this blog and my other blog which heavily discusses Fredrik and I. The next step is the interview, which from what I can tell is a chat with an official talking about our relationship...and then they send off everything to Sweden and the nearest migrationskervet handles the case, Fredrik fills out a questionnaire and I get my visa after all the paper work has been processed.

    It sounds a bit difficult, but it's actually not...just long. I probably will get my visa in April...but that's actually very fast because they say it can take 6-8 months! I'm ready for it...so I can start making plans...muah-ha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh) :) :)

    ...are there any midsommar events that involve 18th century dress up? :)

  3. How odd it must feel... To sit and prove your relationship like that :D Imagine getting paid for being nosy about the affairs of others (the migration office people, that is...)

    Hope everything goes swimmingly!

    I don't know of any midsummer events (I think most people celebrate with family if they have kids or with close friends)but there is usually a pick-nick or two in the summer. In mid-May there's a weekender event at a lovely old manor, I think it was discussed on the forum!

    We'll work something out...

  4. Apparently like ten years ago, you had to give proof of how active your..er...private activities were...which is awkward. Could you imagine the proof that might have been brought in? bahahahah! Everything I've read is that the interviews are quite fun and laid back, so I'm looking forward to it. Still don't know where we'll live..probably Trollhättan...meh.

    I would love to be paid to chat with people everyday about their love life..unlike a therapist they should be happy stories :)

    I hope I can make an event in the summer when the weather's good!!!! If not...the later..not like I'll be going anywhere...hehe :)

  5. I just thought i would make a comment, because I went through almost the same experience as you! Although i was married to a swede (and weren't in different countries at the time) it was a bit different (ie he didn't have to fill out a questionnaire). We were interviewed by phone separately, and i was asked questions such as 'when were you married', 'are you married against your free will', 'are you the only wife your husband has'. weird questions, but i guess they just wanted to make sure i was married to him because i wanted to be, and not because of some sort of family or religious reasons.

    BUT, the reason i'm leaving this comment is to tell you that I received my permanent residence visa less than 2 weeks, yes 2 WEEKS, after my interview by phone. SO, although they say that the process can take a long time, i haven't had that experience with them at all. and this is my second visa through sweden, the first one took again about 2 weeks.

    so good luck! and hopefully things will be quicker than you thought!

  6. Ooh - how exciting! Good luck - I hope it all goes smoothly and swiftly! :)

  7. Swedishyogi: WEE! Thanks for sharing your story and the speedy time you experienced. I'm hoping it goes relatively quickly. :) Thank you!!

    GWT: Thanks!! :) :)


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