I am lame with a massive update of random-ness

Hey hey,

I've just realized how I have not posted ANYTHING in a LONG time. I'm sorry. My apologies. I haven't been very interesting as of late. I have totally just stopped sewing for a while...I still need to finish my corset, but it's just been so tedious I have not felt the desire to work on it. However, it needs to be finished and that's what I will..eventually...do..before my gown workshop.

Other than that, I've been working. Substitute teaching mostly, which is a trip. I get to be a sub for a full week for the high school's art teacher. So I'm looking forward to that!

Let's see...what else....Fredrik's coming at the end of March, the day I get back from my 1810 workshop.  I went to Chicago for my Swedish visa interview and spent a couple hours in the Art Institute (heaven..but sadly I did not see very many 18th century portraits which are always a favorite) however I definitely got to get my fill of Impressionism and post-impressionism. Van Gogh and I are bffs pretty much. He's cool. Gauguin and I aren't on speaking terms, and haven't been for a while. He can just stay in Tahiti for all I care. :)

I got my hair cut...so short that I'm going to have to get a wig for all 18th century reenacting stick to the a la guillotine period. hehe

And finally, McQueen's final collection has been shown in Paris. It is stunning, in all of it's unfinished glory. Inspired by Medieval period and the colors, lines, gold, designs...he created wonderful pieces. Here's a few. I don't have a favorite..they're all amazing pieces:

That's it for now...hopefully I'll have something worth updating soon!!

<3 <3


  1. I love this McQueen person who sadly took his own life that I never knew about until you . . .


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