Modern Sewing Cont.

So when I went to Joann's before I made my first modern linen dress, I bought more than just that pattern and fabric....I'm super excited about this fabric

It's crazy and insane and I love it. I bought a pattern for it, but after reconsidering, I don't want to use it. However, I think I'm going to drape my own pattern for it based off of this dress.

Which is from The wild abstract pattern kind of gave me an idea on how my dress would look in a similar style. I wanted to do a loose drop waist with my fabric anyways, so this dress as inspiration should work out well...I hope? We'll see I guess!

I think gentlewomanthief asked which pattern my linen dress was and it is Simplicty 0595. Here's what the cover looks like...
 Anyways, I'm trying to be better about my updating. With things calming down family wise, and life calming down before the next whirlwind, I am wanting to sew more again and continue learning my Swedish for the big move in June!!



  1. Thank you for that - I so wouldn't have picked that pattern out as being so cute! I'm going to have to develop a better pattern-eye, methinks.

    And that fabric is wow! I definitely see what you mean about that style - it'll look great :)

  2. You're welcome! I wouldn't have thought it that cute either, if I had not seen it already made up on a mannequin and being so cute! The girl in the image just kinda looks a bit silly and the drawings don't really help we know! :)

  3. Actually, looking more closely at the pattern pics has given me a good idea for a modification to make on the dress I'm doing for my MA graduation (am a bit dubious about the darts on the actual pattern), so extra thank yous from me!

  4. Have fun! Looks like a fun, pretty simple project--but that fabric is going to take it to another level of fabulous!


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