What every 18th century girl wants...a Robe a la Polonaise

 "Very Much the Taste and Various are the Makes" August 13-15th 2010.

A great deal of us on the online historical sewing/costuming-sphere have discussions on polonaise gowns and what they actually are (not just tying up your skirts). Mantua Maker in Cairo is the resident expert on the subject, since it was her final research/creation project to complete her apprenticeship to become a fully fledged Manuta maker and milliner. Plus, she has just researched and researched this subject for a few years now.

She is returning to the USA this summer for a short period of time and has set up a workshop with Burnley and Trowbridge to teach 12 lucky students how to build their own Polonaise, properly. (See link at top of page) I know MMinC personally, and you wont want to miss this. She's incredibly talented and an excellent teacher. Hurry up and sign up, the workshops fill up FAST. I, sadly, wont be there because I will have already moved to Sweden then. :)

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  1. GORGEOUS PINK FROU FROU DRESS! Oh, I am so inspired. Can't make it to the B&T workshop (all the way back east), but can pull out my Janet Arnold patterns and plan something pink and frilly :-) Thanks for posting!

  2. What a happy pink dress! I wish I could wear something so sweet and feminine and froufy! It makes me think of spring and frosted cupcakes :)

  3. Yes, cupcakes, that's exactly what it reminds me of, too! Lovely... if only I were in the US (sigh).

  4. Abby: Thanks for advertising my workshop!! (I am sure Melinda will be thrilled to know her pictures is on yet another blog:) I haven't gotten around to doing it yet on my blog. As of now there are 4 spaces left...

    Lauren: If you want to try your own polonaise I would recommend the pattern in Waugh's Cut of Women's Clothing.

    gentlewomanthief: I live in Egypt right now...so if you and a number of your costuming friends ever want me to come do a mini-workshop for you in England I would be happy to do so!

  5. Very beautiful dress! I wish I could sew well enough to make one of those for myself!
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