Today, was a good day for fashion.


Well I got to meet Zac Posen for Target (sadly only a 1/4 of the collection was at my target and hung under the Liberty of London signs.) Oopsy local Target workers! I tried on a lot of fun things (dresses) and I purchased one that was brilliantly done that is navy and black strapless with a sheer ruffled overskirt to wear. Or you can wear just the LBD alone...or add the ruffle skirt to a different outfit. Thank you Zac! What fun!

And the big surprise of the day was my mother's ebay purchases. She took a chance on a Carolina Herrera Cashmere grey jacket with a stand up collar (looks a couple seasons ago) and it didn't fit her, but it did fit me! YAY! So now I have another fabulous jacket to add to my growing collection for my move to Sweden, where, even in the summers one still needs a jacket of some sort. I will miss my blazing hot Indiana summers, even if I have cute jackets to wear.

Oh, and there should be some 1810 dressmaking afoot this week. A friend has come to visit from Williamsburg and she and I are planning a draping party. :)

<3 <3


  1. Hmm . . . do you think you're mom would like to bid on some other designer items that would fit me? Huh, Susan? Sound good? ;)


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