Jag bor i Sverige nu.

I've arrived in Sweden without any disasters and Fredrik and I have moved into our first apartment in Linköping. I've bought a bike, and named her Nelly. She has a wicker basket. I love her, so much, that I use two locks so no little thugs will steal her away from me.

This weekend is Midsommar and we are off to the west coast for a weekend of revelry and my desperate attempt to avoid anything with the words SILL in it. For my non Swedish readers, that's pickled herring.

I know. Sounds delish doesn't it? Nej, tack.

I am also very pleased because I've managed to bring all of my sewing stuff minus my mannequin and machine over to Sweden. Linköping has a whole store devoted to sewing machines. I will investigate soon, once our flat is a bit more settled.

Fredrik also bought fantastic birthday presents related to sewing and antiques. I will post pictures of them eventually. I love them very much.

Ok that's all for now!

Happy Midsommar!!!


  1. Welcome!

    I too, avoid "sill" in all shapes. Smoked salmon, though- yummy!

    If you plan anything Stockholm related this summer, then there are 18th century weeks at Skansen in July. Culminatingg in the last weeked of the month. :-)

  2. Welcome back! I'm looking forward to seeing the photos!

  3. Hapy Midsommar! Hope you have a great time and glad to hear the move has gone well!

  4. Glad you made it :-) Can't wait to see pics.

  5. Safe and sound is a good thing. Happy Midsommar! Can't wait to hear about all your adventures.


  6. Phew! Moving is so hard but the adventure begins. I think it is wonderful that you get to travel and live in global world. Keep us posted with pics and updates. Cheers.

  7. I hope you had a great midsommar - they can be... interesting, even to us Swedes!

    And welcome to gamla Sverige, drop me a line if you happen to pass by Stockholm :)

  8. Yayyyyyy!!!! It's so wonderful you made it here. We totally have to meet up. I'll drop you a mail.

    Did you enjoy sill? The senapsill is pretty tasty but not at the top of my cravings list, ever.

  9. Hi everyone! Thanks for the welcoming wishes! :) I'm currently on a bus to stockholm enjoying the free wireless as Fredrik dozes next to me. We have 3 friends with us and we'll be in Stockholm until Saturday. I'm excited as this is the longest I will have spent in the city. I hope my fundings can survive. ;)

    I'll post more as my life calms down a bit and I can see my apartment through the vast array of boxes, etc.

    Isis- is it strictly 18th century for Skansen or are people also doing early 1800s?

  10. I'm sorry for being so late in answeing- I'm on vacation and have löimited online access. This particular event is only 18th century. It's devoted to the 18th century poet and songwriter Carl Michael Bellman, who died well before the start of the 19th century. There are more information at "Kalendarium" at Gustafs Skål's webpage:


    It is, of course, prefectly possible to go to Skansen in modern clothes and just enjoy it. I recommend a visit to Skansen anyway!

    Thank you for the award! I will talk about it properly when I'm home again.

  11. What a fun blog! I have never been to Sweden but it is on my list. Have you been to Belgium?


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