Wowzers, I won an award!

As I sit here recovering from my very Swedish Midsommar festivities (filled with pagan rituals and cute little blond children in folk costumes...and beer...and the beach...and serious Swedish sunburns). I saw that The Lady of Portland House has awarded me the Versatile Blogger Award (wee!)
 Huzzah! Thank you very very much, Lauren!
So now I guess I have to say 7 things about me, etc so on and so forth. Um. we go...

1.  I am no longer a car driving American. I am still American, but I am now an American bicycle owner living in Sweden instead of a car owner. Her name is Nelly, she is pearl white and has a wicker basket. I'm mildly obsessed.

2. I couldn't ride a bike until I stayed in Sweden for a couple months last fall. I'm sure it was great fun watching me struggle.

3.  I am allergic to chicken....don't ask what happens when I eat it.

4. I don't really care for chocolate, of any sort. I could go without it....I know..this makes me less of a woman. ;)

5. I didn't start sewing until I went to Williamsburg in 2007. I didn't start sewing with a machine until last year. Sewing machines still scare me a little bit.

6.  I love fashion, and probably will never have enough closet space.

7. When I was in high school, I was a cohost of an outdoorsy tv show on the public station...geared towards hunting, fishing, and generally outdoorsy things. I am not an outdoorsy person, to say the least. There might be clips on Youtube..

Ok, so now I have to award this award to 5 other blogs... The 5 winning blogs

1. Adventures in Mantua Making. Mantua Maker in Cairo is the woman who has taught me almost everything about sewing, drafting, draping, etc. She is the go to person in regards to 18th century clothing. Very few people know more than she does. Very few. 

2. The Cabbage Patch. It's written by the taylor apprentice at Colonial Williamsburg. Also, brilliant at what he does. He just started writing the blog, and I think everyone should start reading his blog and asking him questions about men's clothing, etc.

3. The Swede Life is a blog written by an American mother living in Southern Sweden. I really like her photographs and what she writes about. She seems quite cool.

4.  Isis' Wardrobe she's a great read is fun to read about her historical makeup adventures and her pictures of 17th century clothing.

5.  Lost in Stockholm is a blog that was originally intended to be a blog devoted to a single foreign girl in Sweden and her trying to find a good Swedish boy. Well, now she's found a Swede, is engaged, and takes fabulous photographs, plus she has funny posts about Swedish culture from an outsiders perspective.

Ok, yay....awards! :D Time to go eat some dinner and swelter in the Swedish sun that never sets. (yes!)


  1. Congratulations - both on the award and for surviving your celebrations! ;)

  2. ooo Congrats dear! and välkommen till sverige! glad you had a wonderful midsommar. =)

    and thanks for mentioning LiS in the awards. you totally rock.

  3. So nice of you! As a thanks, I offer you this song 'Two Wheeled Pony' that celebrates bike riding. It is by Dandelion collective, a local band from my old town in Florida. I do not know how to send it except to say listen to it on their myspace page, the song is the third down on the right hand side music player on their page... (Scroll down in the music player to the song called two wheeled pony)

    Such a fun bike song for some one new to riding, and mildly obessed.


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