3 Insights
  1. Congratulations - both on the award and for surviving your celebrations! ;)

  2. ooo Congrats dear! and välkommen till sverige! glad you had a wonderful midsommar. =)

    and thanks for mentioning LiS in the awards. you totally rock.

  3. So nice of you! As a thanks, I offer you this song 'Two Wheeled Pony' that celebrates bike riding. It is by Dandelion collective, a local band from my old town in Florida. I do not know how to send it except to say listen to it on their myspace page, the song is the third down on the right hand side music player on their page...

    http://www.myspace.com/thedandelioncollective (Scroll down in the music player to the song called two wheeled pony)

    Such a fun bike song for some one new to riding, and mildly obessed.