I have been hit with the sewing bug, finally, again. The only downside is all of my sewing tools are at my flat in Linköping and I am currently flat and cat sitting in Kalmar (3 hours away for you nonswedes). It's fine, I have plenty of beach time to occupy my day, but the craving for historical clothing, etc has taken over. Plus, my friend has a killer soundsystem and tv in her flat.

Today, Fredrik and I went to Media Markt (its like Best Buy) and they had a huge collection of basically every BBC historical drama available. They were cheap too. A 3 pack for 149 kr (20 bucks).

I am now the proud owner of Clarissa, The Aristocrats, Under the Greenwood Tree, Life on the River, He Knew He was Right, and The Buccaneers. Also, I bought Fanny and Alexander an Ingmar Bergman film.

What film shall I watch first? Hmmmm....

I'm back in Linköping in mid August, so I will start sewing again then. I finally have the inspiration to finished ... or...begin..my 1810 gown..finally. :)

Also I've updated my other blog about Swedish beaches, if you're bored and would like something else to read. Clicky Clicky



  1. I adore Aristocrats in spite of some flaws! Here's hoping for a few rainy days!

  2. It sounds like you have many pleasurable hours planned watching some of the all time best period movies. They should provide inspiration. Enjoy!


  3. I hope you will post pictures of your 1810 gown.

  4. Thanks Ladies! Turns out the "Swedish Summer" (and some stubbornness) returned and I finally got to finish the Aristocrats and I watched Under the Greenwood Tree. Yay!

    Leah: now that I finally have my motivation I will be sewing and finishing my 1810s gown. I just went to Copenhagen for the day and saw a fabulous 1810-15 gown with AWESOME sleeves! So I'm excited now! :)


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