Blogger stats are funny.

I have big news coming up, but it's a large post and will come a bit later...however...I have something else to discuss....

Has anyone been following their blogger stats on their dashboard? Well, I have, because I find it interesting (HI readers from Latvia, Ukraine, India and Japan!)

Do you know that if you google '18th century boobs' my humble blog is number 2 on the list!

I don't know whether to be ecstatic for the traffic or just a bit concerned that that is one of the most popular searches that leads people to my blog.

Let's try these words, Stays, Weddings, Saris, Robe a la Polonaise, Trim Trim Trim, 18th Century awesomeness.

Hint. Hint. Hint.


  1. I love reading my blogger stats. They are so fun!

  2. LOL!

    I didn't even knew you could. How does one do it?

  3. Erm, and that anonymous comment was me, Isis' Wardrobe. No idea why I turned up like that...

  4. LOL at 18th century boobs - you should be proud!! ;)

  5. alright! boobs + 18th century is obviously the best thing that ever happened.

    looks like you getting a bigger international following. congrats!

    will be awaiting this big news. =)


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