Can we discuss... fabulous this portrait is?

A Portrait of a Young Lady (Yermolai Kamezhenkov, 1790)

I know that it was said that pink and other colors were used for hair powder..but seriously, her hair is pink. pink. And her hair bow! Pink and Black.

I've never seen this portrait before...



  1. WOW! I want to make the hole look.
    I've recently discovered that I look good in pale blue and I love pink!

    Were did you find this awesome portrait?

  2. Love. Especialy love her coordinating belt and hair ribbon. Brilliant!

  3. Seriously, that is one well put together, coordinated woman. Luv the hair color. I wonder if she was consider somewhat of a rebel?


  4. Lithia- I was looking for 18th century Russian portraits (specifically kids with fur on their clothing) and I happened upon this one. I didn't know if it was 'for real' or not, but when I googled the name everything popped up the yeah. I'm surprised I haven't seen her before. I guess maybe because she's Russian, she hasn't quite made it onto our radar yet? she has. :)

    Donna- It would be a wonder, but I could totally see her rocking out to some Madonna and Cyndi Lauper music.

    I just love her hair...and hair bow.

  5. beautiful!! who's to say fashion doesn't come back! I swear I've seen this hair/make-up on the runway! I know some teenagers are running around with pink hair, and black/pink ribbon.

    I lover her skin!


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