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  1. LOL I love the second photo--hilarious! Though I can think of a few reenactment photos I've partaken in that are similar--like a big group of girls in gowns crowded next the counter of an ice cream place :)

    Excited about the movie, too!

  2. Wow...didn't realize that they were re-doing the movie! Yum...Of course I am still favor the 1974 version..with Oliver Reed and Raquel Welch...but this looks very very good! I wonder who is doing the costumes?

  3. Wow!!! That looks awesome!!! That is soo bad that they're smoking in those lovely gowns.

  4. Hello Abby,

    I'm from the town where they are shooting this bit of the film and I'm at the set every day (or rather, hang out outside the barriers all day waiting for something interesting to happen). I took a couple of pictures, mainly of the stars and costumes, costume addict that I am. You can have a look at them at my flickr account, if you like:


    Christoph Waltz is quite arrogant and ignores everyone, I'm afraid, but Orlando is very nice and signed my arm. :)