Lindy Hopping in Sweden

Yesterday Fredrik and I attended our first Lindy Hop lesson.

When we signed up, I had kind of ... er ... forgot(?) that they would not be teaching the class in English, but Swedish (duh). 

So yesterday was our first class, and I was a bit nervous about the language barrier, there is almost a perfect male/female ratio which was nice, so I didn't know if they were going to make us change partners around. Especially since we signed up with 'a partner'. Fredrik translated for me most of the time, but then we started going in circles and the girls moving to different partners. Well, it was interesting...had some surprise interpreters along the way. Though I would have preferred just dancing with Fredrik the whole time, but hey, we all know how this goes, everyone's gotta meet everyone the first day to play the get to know you game. It's always so awkward! Is there anyone that actually really enjoys the awkward 'get to know you' pressure of these first lessons?

I was really happy with the class. We were all actually dancing by the end of it, which really says a lot on the energy of the class and the work the teachers did. They have different levels, and if I read the Swedish correctly, the next levels you learn the Charleston, which I am extremely interested in learning, I have a whole playlist on Spotify devoted to Charleston music. Mildly obsessed. Yes.

And I survived it in Swedish. Surprisingly, it wasn't that bad. I know a little bit, and the step was the standard back step-triple step- triple step- which I knew from ballroom in college. We'll see how it goes next week I guess, and as time goes on.  They teach 'social dance' Lindy Hop, so none of the acrobatics or training for competitions. Actually, when the teachers danced for us initially I got a bit sad because they looked so much like my grandparents whenever they dance. So the social dancing aspect is good. It takes a lot of pressure off of people. However...I really really want to be able to do this...

<3 <3


  1. Enjoy your dance lessons! I'm trying to talk my husband into lindy lessons--we do east-coast swing together but I'd like him to know lindy too (I learned years ago but could use a refresher). Have fun!!

  2. Sounds and looks like a lot of fun and what a workout!!!! If you aren't in good shape now you will be by the time you are finished.

    I luv conta dancing. That is a work out too but not as much as the Charleston.

    Good luck and enjoy.


  3. Thanks ladies! I've enjoyed it least the one lesson. I'm excited to see how the rest of the lessons go, and crossing my fingers that Fredrik will be willing to continue on to the next level after this semester is over. :)


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