4 Insights
  1. Ah, you're just one step ahead of me on the drafting stays thing, and I'm a little scared! This post is a great help, and I know you'll get it right :-). It'll be cool to watch you work on this project as I work on mine :-D

  2. Drafting is so freaking tricky! It looks right when I drew it, basing it off of stays I've made before, and my information I have at my disposal (not tons, but some)...I actually fixed my problem, I'm just an idiot who can't do math, my measurements were only a little off, so technically it should be correct now, but I think it's too long (even though it's based off her measurements)

    Stays...tricky little bastards. I really want to test it out on someone who's at least remotely close to her size..but my boobs are just mocking me as I fiddle with it. God I hope it fits....


  3. Ooooh. Yeah, stays are very tricky to draft. Do you use a dress form?

    I am excited to see the finished results!