2 of my favorite things!

The 1930s/40s and SHOES!

I just randomly (through the beauty that is Facebook)  found these shoes online. They're relatively affordable, and based off of actual vintage shoes. They look divine... heaven for my feet.

Aris Allen Ladies Black and Silver 1930s Swing Dance Shoes

Their 1930s shoes

Their 1940's shoes, also comes in all black. Divine. 

I die. Red. Suede. 1930s. I. Die.

I'm also currently obsessing over oxfords in general, so these adorable black and white pair would be so lovely with so many of my current ensembles. The red shoes are just simply killer, as are the black and silver shoes.  So wonderful!

There is just something about a fabulous pair of shoes that just makes me warm and fuzzy inside.


  1. Dancestore.com, right? I've been drooling over their satin t-straps for a while now.

  2. Yes! I just happened upon these at random, and I just can't get over how fabulous they are! Modern shoes, that have to be comfortable because they're dancing shoes that are reproductions off of extant vintage shoes. How brilliant! Plus they picked really really cute shoes to reproduce which makes this even better! I really want a pair, I mean, I am taking lindy hop now. I have a valid reason....right? ;)

  3. That is totally a valid reason, you should do it. Then you should let me know how comfortable they are ;D

  4. OOOOHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! <3 I am in love with the red suede ones!! :D

    Thanks so much for the wonderful post!!
    - Victoria



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