Don Draper is my other boyfriend Pt. 1

Last weekend Fredrik and I had our official housewarming soireé, or, as it is called in Sweeeden, "Inflyttningsfest"- literally: in moving party. See, you learn something new everyday...well...except for my Swedish already knew that.


Back in July, Fredrik made my world a better place by telling me he had the first season of Mad Men. I squealed, because, Mad Men started when I was in college, and unlike most college girls I knew/know, I was miserable at keeping up with weekly TV shows. I had better things to do. Like with Laura and Melinda who didn't have tvs...psh. whatevs. Needless to say, I remember wanting to watch Mad Men when it first aired, but I had missed the first episode, so I tried to watch it like half way in the season, and I'll tell wasn't smart. I was confused, uninterested, and bored. So I went back to learning about Seuxality in Renaissance and Baroque art, because spending three weeks talking about male genitalia in art is that riveting. I kid you not.

So this summer, I finally got to start watching Mad Men. I. was. hooked. (Duh, fabulous costumes, sold already.) When the subject of having a housewarming party came up, I decided a Mad Men theme was the way to go. Gives everyone an excuse to dress up. What's not to love...really?

It also gave me an excuse to make a fabulous dress...and for Fredrik to take a comb to his hair for the first time since he was about 14.

I was going to try and be good and chronicle the dress making process...but we've all been there. I took like...2 whatever. But I can tell you about it and give you my oh so not important opinions on the pattern.

Ok. Here is what you need to know:

Pattern: Vouge Very Easy Dress Custom Fit V8615

It's a pattern I had in my stash because I love longer sleeves, and full skirts, and it just looked fab (it is fab). It's not a dead on accurate 1960s pattern, but it has a lot of similarities to pieces I saw in Mad Men (particularly the Christmas Party scene, Season 4 Ep. 2. Don's secretary is wearing something strikingly similar, just not in hounds-tooth.)

Done. Now. I needed a fabric. Ok. Well I wanted this party to be swanky, so I needed to look swanky.

Little did I realize Linköping fails majorly in the fabric department.


I literally looked for weeks and weeks, (sometimes multiple times in a week in the same store, thinking that maybe they would get a magic shipment in of beautiful patterned silks of some variety. Stupid me.

Eventually my friend Emilie told me about a fabric store she found randomly in a random section of city centre. So, I figured what the hell, hopefully they'll have something.

Fabulous? Or Fabulous?
They did. But it was in cotton. But I loved it anyways, and bought a fake poly satin of a heavier weight to help give the dress some guts instead of floaty cotton (which is very Betty Draper early seasons).

I also conveniently had a zipper that was the perfect length and color for the project. Done and Done.

After gathering my supplies, I set out to work (over a 1 month random spurt of sewing until the very end mad rush variety). Overall I found the pattern to be easy to follow, mostly. I have issues with how they word instructions in the patterns and their random close up shots that really just leave me more confused than before. Put it was coming together nicely, other than the stupid mistakes I made. They are:

1. Forgetting to take out the seam allowance in the front bodice pieces. This resulted in a last minute random stitching of the bodice ruining the flower pattern. Annoying.

2. I decided to overcast stitch all the crap poly late into the game (when I realized it sheds worse than my dog in August), and so it affected the measurements for some of my pattern pieces. I had to recut the sleeves.

3. I put the pockets on wrong. Didn't realize until I was supposed to finish the skirt.

4. I miss cut the skirt slash for the zipper. Luckily, it wasn't as much of a disaster as it could have been. I thank the sewing gods.

5. My darts looked a Cold? Catch my drift? I think I fixed it, but darts are a bit confusing for me. I'm not used to them.

But over all the dress came together nicely. I'm happy with it, and Fredrik likes it much better than the strawberry dress I made (it's fabulous, but Fredrik thinks it makes me look pregnant...) I would recommend the pattern to basically everyone...unless you're a dude.

Plastic Housewife


  1. Oh so cute! and congratulations on the housewarming :-)

  2. Fabulous! Great dress and great picture.

  3. I agree, you look lovely. One thing that I learned from a very wise seamstress is that you always want your darts to end one half to three quarters of an inch from the peak of your nipple. Also, when sewing darts, never backstitch the point. Run one stitcch on the edge of the fabric,and one stitch off then tie a square knot with the thread ends. This also will keep darts looking invisible rather thanprominent. If you already know these things, I am sorry to repeat them to you, but I alway love those little "aha!" moments I get when I figure out the why of something and love helping others.

  4. Thanks for the advice Leslie, as I wrote I don't have experience with darts. I learned how to sew on 18th century gowns which do not have darts, so it's all a learning process with me. It also doesn't help that I royally screwed up the front bodice piece anyways, so a lot of things were off. :) I'll keep your advice in mind and use it next time I'm making darts, cause it was really weird at times to have issue. ;)


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