Meet Greta.

She is my lovely new sewing machine (who is now over a month old). 
Please ignore the sewing mess behind her, that's my Mad Men dress in progress.

Following in my tradition of naming my sewing companions (of the non-human variety) with a slightly Germanic, old name beginning with the letter G, I decided on Greta. Since she is from Sweden (though made in some far away Asian country, but we'll overlook that for this purpose), I wanted to give her a good, old, Swedish appropriate name. Thus the naming game ensued, and we came up with Greta. She is distantly related to her cousin Gunther who lives in Scotland with his new mommy Naomi (also a Janome), and will hopefully one day meet Gertrude and Gail my dressmaking dummies.
So far so good with Greta. She does all sorts of fancy things with her little light up buttons. I mean, how did I function without the automatic Up/Down Needle function or the Automatic Finish? Talk about making this easy! Hell, some things she doesn't even need me to help her. I just can push start and off she goes. Her tortoise/rabbit speed option is lovely as well. Keeps me from going too fast and making a mess of things. And can we discuss the top bobbing with the see-thru case? Talk about easy and convenient. Awesome. She also has a foot pressure adjustment which has been making a huge difference for me. Let's just say, I'm a very happy camper with her, and for the amount I ended up paying for her. I hope my children or grandchildren will be able to sew on her one day.

As far as I know this model is not available in the US (DC 4030), which I think is a bit of a shame, because she is ridiculously easy to use. Literally, you just push the button. Once for the first stitch, Twice for the second, and the button will light up Green/Orange depending on the stitch. The letters below tell you what foot you want to use for the stitch.

Easy. I love easy. Especially since it was not too long ago sewing machines gave me panic attacks.


  1. I know! I'm very happy with her. She's sewn many a curtain now without giving off too much of a if i could only find time to finish my Mad Men dress.


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