Skye, he's special.

This is Skye. He's a very special pony. Here is a list of reasons why he is special:
1. He was the first baby that my mom bred, from our other horses, Woody and Cowgirl (very original names, I know.)

2. He has a shooting star on his back leg. Do you see it?

3. His first emergency vet visit was when he was a couple days old and didn't get enough of the colostrum from Cowgirl.

4. Another time he went to the hospital because he somehow managed to rip his eyelid off.  Don't really know how, and I'm glad I wasn't there.

* 4.1 There was ANOTHER time he had an emergency. He knocked his front tooth out when he was little. I forgot about this. I'm glad my mother reminded me. I can't believe I forgot about it, because he looked ridiculous. It made me laugh [edit] 

5. He wears a special collar because he cribs, because he's...special.

6. He gets picked on by his younger brother and his mother.

7. He's smart. So smart, that he knows that running around in circles for no obvious reason is stupid. So he just stands and watches his mother and brother run around in circles. This is probably why he gets picked on by them.

8.  That picture of him and Jonathan (who is breaking Skye and his younger brother Bo currently) was taken, I believe, not too long ago. He didn't start working with Skye until this summer, and Skye is so damn good that he's totally cool with the cute baby on his back.

9. Skye got the whole idea of riding and listening in about 2 days, according to Jonathan and my mother. This goes back to his, 'Why would I run around in circles over what appears to be nothing?' mentality. This is his, 'Ok, So it is easier to do what they want than argue, this makes my life easier. I like easy. I'll just do what they want then.'

10. According to my mom, he's very good at stopping (in regards to reining).

Hopefully my allergies wont ruin my life and I'll actually get to ride him when I go home without having my eyes swell shut. 


Off Topic: Mad Men party pictures and discussion coming soon. I'm just too lazy to upload all the pictures on blogger at the moment.

***P.S. For a total list of all of Special Ed's adventures, please read my mother's blog Enchanted Botanicals. She's his momma, and therefore is better at remembering than I am.


  1. Ahhh what a sweety! I so desperately want a horse, sigh...

  2. Remember...he also knocked his front tooth out when he was about 4 months old...


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