CW in Pictures

Finished Hair & Weird Face (Photo: J.Rockhold)
Grr Baby. (Photo: J.Rockhold)
From Friday's Dinner Concert, My Bum (Photo: J.Rockhold)
Sarah playing with her weave

Washing my hair in a little sink

I whip my hair back and forth

A couple hours later, it's rolled around straws

Straws poking out of my hat
Alley way that smells of boxwoods

Card love

Close up of the straws as curlers

My hair was not a wig, except for the back extension

Nibbles and Drinks post dinner/concert

She had great hair.


Random candid
Millinery & Jewelry Store

For Brooke

You should know the story that made my mom start laughing.

I was trying to not laugh at myself.

I love this apron. I am so happy it was in the exhibit.

Amazing 1820s.



  1. Hehe! Your hair was fabulously hilarious! I can't believe how much volume you achieved! Your dress looked fabulous btw. Thank you for all the pictures!

  2. Wow, what an awesome 'fro! I really must try it. Did you have a helper or did you make it all by yourself?

    Great pics as well. I guess I don't really need to wish you a great time?

  3. Ummmmm is that person really a Melinda or is that picture directed at me for some reason other than the hat is super fabulous?

    Also, please tell me what story made your mom laugh. I want to know.

  4. Dream: Thanks! I just wish my hair was just an inch longer, it would have made an even bigger difference and I would have had better balance in dimensions so I could have added more length to the time though!

    MBerg: Thanks! My friend put my hair in the straws for me, I don't think I could have done it myself.

    Mimi: She's a Melinda, the only other one I know & you know the story that made my mom laugh because you texted me around that same time about how you think of that story and you crack up still.

    har har har. :)


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