Random Thinks on a Thursday Afternoon

Um. So.

Yesterday was interesting. Our human neighbor must like to pretend he's in the wild primitive camping while outside behind his barn of many colors and broken down school bus. If you don't get what I'm trying to hint at...well..be thankful...my mother is scarred for life. I told her we should send him a roll of toilet paper with a note that says "From the ponies".

Yeah, I bet you're scarred for life too.

Sorry bout that.


Today's my mother's birthday. We've been singing my 'birfday' song all morning.

The birfday song is not the typical birthday song. It's new and fresh and makes me laugh.

I'll sing if for you next time we see each other. It has a special dance that goes with it too.

Tomorrow, we're getting a new addition to our family. Actually, she's my addition. I'm excited...I've been prepping her food all morning....but she'll have enough food for a couple of months. Huzzah!

I haven't sewn crap.

I blame the weather.

Starz's Camelot starts tomorrow! YAY! I hope it's as addicting as Spartacus. I just watched my dad spend 5 minutes trying to figure out how to put Camelot on our DVR. Cause he's cute like that.

The dancing evil chicks in the Hop preview make me laugh. I actually want to see the movie. Is that sad?

I have 94 followers now, only 6 more before something wonderful happens! Do you know what it is? I bet you don't.

Finally, I bet you haven't heard of this:



You'll feel like a silly goose if all your friends have sweet new silk shoes and you don't. You know it's true.

My birthday is April 23rd. Just. Sayin'.


  1. Surprisingly, I've heard of it. :D I don't have the money, nor the means to buy them, but I think I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the 100 pre-orders, and saving money for the leather pair or the Regency slippers from now on... it would be easier if I were not already saving money for other, more important things. :P

  2. ooo, are you getting a puppy!? :-D

    or a kitteh?

    Thank you for the shoutout, you dear girl :-D

  3. Camelot yay! The sneak peak episode was really good, so hopefully it will continue that way.

  4. This is totally unrelated to your post but I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award! Check out my post here: http://thefashionhistorian.blogspot.com/2011/03/stylish-blogger-award.html for instructions and all that.

  5. Hana: :) Hehe, I know you might have 'more important things' to save up for, but darling, there's nothing more important than a fabulous pair of shoes. ;)

    Lauren: You're welcome, no problemo. No kitteh and no puppy, you'll seeeee though. muah ha ha ha ha!

    cmybliss: I have high expectations, but I love anything associated with Camelot and King Arthur, so I'm sure it'll be jazzy. :)

    Katy: Thank you! How sweet of you! I thanked you again in your blog, but I really do feel very honored. Thanks so much. :)

  6. Abby, how about holiday in Estonia (and Latvia) and improving my language skills? I think it beats fabulous shoes everyday, at least in my world. Sorry. :-)
    (Of course, fabulous shoes that are ALSO comfortable have more beating power than just fabulous shoes. But still less than Estonia.)

  7. Oh man Hana, Estonia and Latvia? I'm jealous. You win. :)

  8. *bowing*
    I'll share photos when I come back in August... :-)


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