Random Thinks on a Tuesday Afternoon

I'm really excited to get dressed up on Friday for the big dinner/event thing in Williamsburg. However, I don't quite know what will happen with my hair. I hope my plan of curling with straws will result in awesome frizz.

Or I'll look like a bastard child from the 1980s with a bad perm.

I'm also excited it will be warm.

With that, I'm very much looking forward to interpretative dance performance of Dance Macabre that will probably happen Friday night as well. (insert evil laugh)

I get to meet Susan Scott on Sunday (Two Nerdy History Girls). My mom is excited to meet someone with the same name as her. Hopefully I'll remember to take a picture.

Is it me, or is the conference also acting as a blogging meet-up?

I really need to work on my paper. It's like college all over again.

Fredrik suggested I make a slide that says "HIRE ABBY" with a picture of my face to flash for a microsecond every 5 minutes or so during my presentation....do you think that's illegal still?

I've finally got myself up-to-date on technology with my way over the top Android phone. Since I refuse to have a twitter, and blogger has an app, I'm hoping that maybe I'll be responsible and do quick wee blog posts as a play by play on here throughout the conference...and on my facebook...if you're my friend.

...and also my stalking of Susan North and Jane Malcolm-Davies. Cause, let's be honest, they're like costume historian celebrities.

I've developed a bad habit of speaking in really weird terms...kind of like the movie Juno. I hope people find it as funny as I do.

My new phone has Dolby Surround sound. I'm really bummed it doesn't make the WOOOOOMMMMM sound when I turn it on like it does in the movie theaters.

Because I find Dolby Surround on a phone stupid and hilarious and over the top.

I really hope Susan North & Jane Malcolm-Davies don't read this post.

Time to go make business cards to get my networking on while at the conference.

P.S. It's Fat Tuesday. Go eat a Semla. They're far superior to King Crap Cake and any other Fat Tuesday Pastry.

Do. It.

<3 <3


  1. Sounds like you have your plate full. Let me know how the conference goes :D

  2. Enjoy the conference! And I had a paczki from the local Polish folks...mmmm....

  3. I'm excited about Friday night, too. Concert should be awesome with the candlelit room full of furbelows and frills. And the line-up of presenters for the conference is really strong. Jane Malcom-Davies gave a good talk at CW a couple of years ago. I’m also really looking forward to hearing Jenny Tiramani, Lynn Sorge-English (whom you have bound to have met in all your stays researching) and Natalie Garbett (my current costumer crush – her early 19c stuff is amazing!). Your talk will be interesting, too, ‘cause even as a casual observer I can see how the information and misinformation are spread through the costumers and historians via blogs and journals.

    Don’t worry about your hair – you’re so pretty you’ll look smashing no matter what. And once you start that interpretive dancing, who will remember your hair? ;)

  4. Lauren- duhhh :)

    Rowenna- Girl, you need to try a Semla. They kick Paczki's to the curb and then smash their doughnut face into the ground. I kid you not. ;) Though I'm sure a Paczki from a Polish bakery is probably fan-freaking-tastic. :)


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