So I'm trying to recover from the insanity that was last week. Still trying to process it all, think about what to do next, and making sure I maintain my new lovely connections. I'm going to be a good blogger and give you all some information on my talk here in the coming weeks, as well as continuing the history of sexuality talk (now that I'm back at home with access to my lovely books).

Also, I have the Burnley & Trowbridge stays workshop coming up April 7-9th. Which is a very good thing, as my left arm was going numb when I wore my stays and gown 2 Fridays ago. That's not good...which also means I need to fix my sleeves.

I also need to trim my jacket.

And finish a shift.

And maybe make a petticoat or 2.

I also probably need a short jacket or bedgown.

Hell. I have a lot of stuff to do.

But, it's almost 8pm now. So, I'm not going to be doing any of that today.

Maybe tomorrow...


  1. *gasp* My sister and I are taking the stays workshop, too! I have a shift to start and a bedgown to finish as well...alas, never enough time. But we'll see you there! :-)

  2. Wee! Looking forward to meeting you! I saw you at the conference, but I didn't put two and two together...I'm really looking forward to the workshop! See you there!!!

  3. Thank you for the symposium dispatch, invaluable information for those interested in such things.

    Would like to know more about the "History of Sexuality Talk." No one talks about sexuality and gender in costuming. This is something I am interested in on an intellectual level and am considering to writing about, there is so much research information available that is untapped in regard to this subject.

  4. Elizabeth: If you're interested in the origin of the whole history of sexuality discussion that was started on my blog (and that I want to continue) you can go to this post: this is kind of where the whole thing got started. It's not really so much about dress and sexuality, but there is some connection. I personally find the entire subject fascinating. I just love talking about it and researching it. So hopefully, soon, I'll be able to write something more about it. :)


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