Return of the 'Hog

Last night I went to an event filled with:

1. Men and Women in 18th Century Costumes (Including Angela from Burnley & Trowbridge & Kendra from Demode Couture)
2. Dinner at King's Arms Tavern at Colonial Williamsburg in candlelight
3. 18th Century chamber music in candlelight with reproduction instruments.
4. The return of my hedgehog..this time achieved by curling my hair around drinking straws.

Here's a photographic play-by-play from my over the top smart phone (including vintage camera app)
Hair set with standard drinking straws for a nice tight curl.
After the removal of the straws, the curls did not move. 
20 minutes of combing out later....

The finished product.

Overall, I'm happy with it. The difference with making your hedgehog this way vs. pin curls is you do not have to tease your hair. This is the process of combing out your tight curls with a comb & pik. The only products I used this time were Bumble & Bumble style cream, some hair wax when I was shaking out my curls, Bumble & Bumble spray hair powder, and TIGI Bed Head Hairspray.

Oh and I had a clip in extension that I curled and set the night before. More about that later...

At Dinner

After the concert
<3 <3


  1. Love it! Sounds like you are having a busy and fun time :D

  2. I've never seen anybody curl their hair around straws before - that's really cool!

  3. Nice job! I see some really awful 'costume' wigs out there that some try to re-style, and really miss the mark!
    You have done a nice job. I hope you are having a fantastic time in Williamsburg! We loved our trip there, and wished we could have attended the symposium. We hope to go back for another sometime.
    I have a fantastic, high quality-looking 18thc. wig too, that I re-styled with great success! I got so many compliments, that I now sell them (VERY limited number), and they are going to customers in Germany and Australia, as well as the US so far!

  4. Thank you Lauren! :)

    Jen- It was just a random idea I came with when trying to solve the problem of short hair into hog. Plus, I really like the look of the frizzy hog instead of the more widely used curly hedghog hairstyle. I think maybe because I find it more, edgy? The tight wrapping around the straws gives you such a TIGHT hair curl that no teasing is needed, you just have to pik your hair out for HOURS and BOOM, big, frizzy hedgehog. I highly recommend this method....if you want frizz.

    A Hist Lady- Thank you very much for you compliment. I was worried about my hair length and being able to get the volume I needed/wanted. So I really appreciate your compliment. I'll be sure to check out your wigs, I'd love to see them! :)

  5. You looked amazing at the dinner and concert - I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to properly meet and talk!

    The curling with straws is so brilliant - I have to try that soon! I love the frizzy hedgehogs too, you don't see them reproduced as much which is a shame. I'm really curious to see how it will work with my hair, which is longer than your I think.

  6. Thanks Jenny! You looked great too! The fit of your gown was wonderful! I didn't really know very many people at the dinner so I just ended up playing shy for a good part of the evening. Hopefully, there will be a next time soon!

    The curling went really well, I've used other small rollers too and they did a great job, but the frizz obtained from the straws was insane. My hair is really short (barely to my chin) so if you have longer hair, you would probably get a really big hog. However, it takes FOREVER to comb out. You would need to take the curls out hours before the event and pick and comb it out throughout the getting ready process (I'm talking 2-3 hours, with breaks etc to let your hair rest..and your arm). That's the only downside to the whole thing. Other than that, I think it's cake. :)


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