Trimming and fixing my red jacket

I swear, I own fabric that is not red.

I swear.

However, that fabric is not made up into anything's

Anyways, I have had a really cute and well fitting red quarter back jacket that B draped for me years ago. I used to for the fashion show I did while in Glasgow and I was so rushed I never had a chance to trim it and I was never that happy with the skirt of the jacket. Now, I have the motivation to fix it (I screwed up the sleeves as well) and re do the skirt and also add trim.

Here's what it looked like before:

Yes, the picture was taken in a bathroom...

Why in a bathroom? I have no idea.

And now here's the in process/destruction photos:

Kind of sad looking, isn't it?


Kitty hair is a natural fabric softener...or so Gus tells me

The trim cut out.
....Be honest...Does it look like Mrs. Claus to you?


Your imput is most welcome before I permanently attach the trim. I'm still trying to decide how I want to do the skirt of the jacket too, so that's just removed right now anyways.

Other than that...I gave the blog a face life (in case you haven't noticed), hope you all like it better. I thought the other one was dull, this is much more fun!

<3 <3


  1. Looks great, a little Mrs. Clause at the moment, but im sure with the petticoat and a decorated staw hat you wont look like Mrs. Clause at all, but if you do... no worries because you will look smokin' anyways! LOL Great job, I would be too terrified to take apart and re-do, I'm a start over woman! Hehe Nice pictures, have a good one! Thanks!

  2. So cute! I was covetting a little short-skirted jacket I saw in one of the Cries of London prints the other day. So...perky! Maybe avoid the Claus effect by introducing an additional color into the trim--pale gold or yellow, maybe, or even pink?

  3. The new layout is sugar-sweet. Ina good way, of course!

    No, the jacket won't look Mrs Claus-y when you wear it, I wouldn't have thought it did at all until you mentioned it.

  4. Kirsten: Aw thanks! :) I'm hoping the Mrs. C vibe will go away with it actually on with a petticoat...I just have to make sure I don't wear a green petticoat until Dec 1. :)

    Rowenna:I was thinking about adding something to it, but I don't know...I guess I'll just see what happens when I finish the trim and skirt and get a feel for the whole thing? Who knows...

    MBerg: Thanks! I just get paranoid about those sorts of things...:)

  5. I'm glad you understood what I said; I just re-read my comment and I swear I wasn't drinking at the time!


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