100 (now 101) Followers = A GIVEAWAY!

This weekend, I hit the magic number.


100 beautiful followers to this silly blog, and I just couldn't believe it.

(I'm having a Sally Field moment: You Like ME! YOU REALLY LIKE ME!)

....sorry about that.

Anyways...in order to celebrate I have decided to have a giveaway for you!

Huzzah free stuff!

I've always wanted to do a giveaway, but I never felt that there was a good occasion, until now!

So here are the details for you:

I am giving away one $25.00 (USD) Burnley and Trowbridge Gift Certificate. Anyone can enter, from any country. I'll get the certificate to you! Here's what it looks like:

B&T have a wide array of products for you to buy from great fabrics to books to buckles and bows (can we say taffeta ribbon?). Just check out their site to see what they have in stock.

How do you Enter?

Leave a comment answering this question: If you were to go back in time what is the one item you would bring with you?

Contest closes on Thursday, April 7th at Noon Eastern Time. From there I'll randomly select a winner and send you your gift certificate. :)

Good Luck! <3 <3


  1. A camera with unlimited battery and memory!

  2. Oooh, I might be the first! If I could go back in time and bring one thing with me it would be mascara. I seriously could not live without it, I have invisible eyelashes! Love your blog, btw, keep up the good work! :)

  3. Congratulations, Abby!

    My answer is not strictly costume-related, but I have to be honest: if I were to go back in time, I'd bring toilet paper. :-)

    See you on Friday!

  4. Lots of money to buy lots of dresses!

  5. How exciting! Keep up the good work! Let me see... I'd take ibuprofen. I get way too many headaches to be without it. And how prosaic is that? :p

  6. Yay for you!!! I'm almost at that magic number myself, it's pretty exciting.

    I've got two answers. The practical answer is I would take my medications with me, so as not to die. But in a world where time travel cures all ills, I would bring a video camera so I could record all the awesomeness.

  7. LOL - I'd have to bring my glasses so I could clearly SEE all the fascinating things I could see if I were traveling back in time ;-)

  8. Oooh! Sign me up :)

    I would bring a camera that never runs out of batteries and an unlimited sd card.

  9. If the trip is longer than a month...sorry, I'd bring tampons.

  10. If I was going back permanently, I'd bring a pair of really good tweezers. Handy things they are!

  11. I was going to say toilet paper, but someone had been thinking in the same way. Awesome!

    Sooo I'll settle with a cigarette lighter. Not for lighting cigarettes, but for all sort of other things. Plus people will think I'm a magician. or a witch,

  12. Congratz on your 100!

    My answer to the questions: tampons.

    Yep. I'm with Vanessa.


  13. My husband. I can learn to do without a lot and bear a lot, and I think I have the brains and ingenuity to 'make do', but I would not want to live in any time period without him...

  14. Did you know you have 153 people who subscribe to your RSS through Google Reader? There are a lot more folks reading than probably have signed up as followers.

    As for going back in time.. it would totally differ if i get to come back or if I am stuck there forever, if I am stuck forever I'd bring reading material, if only for a short amount of time, definitely a camera!

  15. I would bring a toothbrush and toothpaste. I count that as one item!

    Congrats on having 100+ followers!

  16. It would depend on if I was staying there or just visiting. If staying, my interchangeable knitting needles. If visiting, a comfy pair of sneakers (tennis shoes).

  17. I'd bring you. Or I would certainly be cast out of all good society and end up in a whore house or jail or be hung/burned/pressed to death as a witch if that was happening in the period of time I was sent back to. I think I'm proving that I'm your least historically inclined follower. :)

  18. Woot - congratulations on 100 followers (very smart people, they are too! ;) ).

    As for what I'd take back with me ... It's a toughy ... I think it's got to be a notebook and unlimited-ink biro - I love how dip-pen writing looks, but it's far too slow for me - I'd have so much to write about the experience that I'd want to be able to get it down as quickly as possible, so I could return to the ball!

  19. I would have to bring, depending on how far back, a good pen and/or pencils to take notes on everything!

  20. Back in time, hmm. Pondering...paper and pencil in endless supply.

  21. Congratulation!

    I would go for a camera too! I think I rather bring something back, though- fabrics, fabrics, fabrics. :) And some lace. And ribbons. And... ;)

  22. I can't decide - camera with unlimited battery and memory sounds like a good idea, toilet paper sounds like a good idea (of course, that depends on how far back you're going - but hearing stories about communism in my country, I might need it then, too), paper and pens/pencils sounds like a good idea...
    But I'm shy photographing people, so I probably wouldn't use the camera on dresses anyway - it would have to be one of those tiny spy cameras for me not to feel (and be!) conspicuous.
    So, maybe... a tiny spy camera?

    And congratulations on your 100 followers!

  23. Congratulations!

    I would take my sweetheart with me because I would love to share this sort of adventure with him.
    I would bring back as much fabric, lace and other dress related things that I could carry ;)


  24. Hehe great question, well if I'm traveling I would bring my traveling bag with the little travel sized products! I think I could manage quite well without modern conviences but if I could bring something I totaly would. I wouldn't want to come back though... definitely one of those should have been born in a different era people! Congrats on 100 followers!

  25. I'd bring a fake letter of introduction from abroad so I could immediately enter into respectable circles and not end up in the gutter. Gross.

    Congratulations on 100 followers! Although, I suspect its a much higher number than you think!

  26. Congrats!

    I'd have to go with motrin - it's good for migraines AND monthly cramps!

  27. I can deal with pretty much any hygeine-related complaint...but I have to have my contacts and solution. Sorry, I'm not going to deal with glasses frames sliding down my nose!

  28. Wow, 100 people! Congrats!

    I think I'd probably take something ridiculously practical, like one of those "How to Make 100 Common Household Appliances Without Electricity" kind of books that would enable me to construct a flush toilet and a solar clock radio. You know, the sorts of things that would get me burned as a witch?

  29. definitely a tough question! i think i'd want a /hidden/ video camera so that i don't look too out of place! and probably reproduction money so that i wouldn't starve or find myself without lodging...

  30. Congrats!

    Okay, mine is totally ridiculous. I would want to take my cell to call my mom and friends and gush about being in the middle of history.

    More practically I would take a penicillin culture. Beat those historic germs into submission.

  31. I'd bring a time machine to get me back home! I love learning about the past, but I sure wouldn't want to get stuck there!


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