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  1. Wow - this looks very fun! I am jealous - one day I'll have to come over there and see B & T and the like myself (and, of course, it would be rude not to book a workshop while I'm there!).

    The colour of your stays is lovely - I've got a bit of a thing for purply shades at the moment. Also, I'm looking forward to seeing the difference between these and your next pair of stays - I find the different shapings and styles quite interesting!

    Thanks for sharing your experience :)

  2. You're going with baleen? Tons of extra brownie points! And it should make some interesting blogging as you boil the stuff and cut it all up. Me, I wimped out and bought the cane Angela and Jim were selling.

  3. Haahaaaa!!! Great post! And yeah, I think you're probably all too correct about the cause of the grins in that picture...:-)

    I'm thrilled to hear you've definitely decided on the baleen! That's going to be so, so cool. Cherry, don't worry - you won't be the only one chickening out on there because we're on the verge between splints and reed ourselves! Still debating...and not in too much hurry to decide because these channels are taking for-EV-er. Abby, I can't imagine how in the world you're getting an entire panel done in a day! Wow! I hope your birthday's soon so you'll be ready to begin the Adventures in Baleening as soon as you're ready to bone!

  4. Thanks everyone! :)

    GWT- You totally should, whenever you make it over here. Just stalk their website carefully and book according (however book workshop first and then workout the details. The workshops can fill up in just a few days after posting).

    I'm looking forward to the difference too, the styles are different and the second pair are only partially boned..so it should be fun to see how it works out!

    Cherry: Ha! Thanks :) I think the boiling and everything will be ok, I think we have the materials and resources to do the baleen, and I'm thinking of figuring out a few way to cut corners, just totally depends on how soft the baleen gets when boiled. :) I hope you're stays are going well. They looked really lovely at the workshop :)

    Rebecca: My birthday is on the 23rd. So the baleen action is, hopefully, going to be SOON! (So excited to get super nerdy...) I am able to get a panel a day mostly because I don't do anything else and if I am doing something else, I stay up late until my stitching gets ugly. :) I'll email you back today, too... I'm totally behind in emails...

  5. Sounds awesome! You know, historical costuming and reenacting are one of the few areas in which mixed-company discussion of fluffing bits is acceptable :) So jealous--I'm going to start a new pair of stays this summer-ish, and I'm venturing into the dark on my own...I'll be checking on your progress to learn!

  6. I am curious how you reconcile your desire for baleen with the Marine Mammal Protection Act?

  7. I'm a little sad that you don't at least acknowledge the blood-soaked past associated with baleen. It's symbolic of the systematic elimination of several wild species. While yes, the material is historically accurate, so is beating slaves & treating them as subhuman, & afaik, that's not done at Colonial Williamsburg today due to modern morality. There are many parts of history that are best studied in books.

    I've been to Antarctica & visited former whaling stations. I've looked at the documents showing my ancestors where slave owners. I've even stood in the one remaining gas chamber at Auschwitz. I try to learn about the truth of history, just the same as enjoy recreating the fun, pretty sides of it too. Knowing the messy, unpleasant side keeps me grounded & helps me remember how far we've come. I'd hoped we had come to a time & place where we didn't jump for joy at sacrificing rare animals to use as parts of our underwear.

  8. Sorry for a few typos in my comment above - hope the message still comes thru.

    I don't mean this as an attack. I just hope you consider all sides & act out of respect.

  9. Trystan: I've written a response as a whole blog post just because I felt like writing it in the little comment section would be too painful to read (it's long). I was planning on writing a post, anyways, about why I chose to use baleen. Your and anon's comments just gave me a reason to post it sooner, rather than later. I know you were not being confrontational and I also have an understanding on how you feel about the subject from facebook and your comments. I respect that. I hope that I've explained myself as well as you have.

    And don't apologize for the typos, my blog is riddled with them to the point of embarrassment. :)

    Anon: I discuss the MMPA in my most recent blog post. I hope that answers your questions.