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Ok, so I loved  everyone's responses to if they were to travel back in time. Me, being, well, me, I spend a lot of time wondering what would happen if I ended up befriending a mad scientist who figured out how to travel back in time (usually results in me getting stuck and I only had enough to bring one thing or maybe a couple things, you know cause, last minute time travel trips happen all the time)

...I watch way to much Dr. Who.

Anyways, I loved everyone answers and I like how people were thinking long term vs short term (I'm usually like, I wont go back to the future I wont I wont I wont! ....mostly because I assume something will go wrong with the gap in the universe or our time machine, etc so on and so forth).

Usually I fight with myself about what I would bring it usually goes between a lifetime supply of antibiotics and/or a lot of gold/silver to buy my way into society/ letter of introduction.

I would definitely get a smallpox vaccine before I would even go though, so, just remember if you ever meet a mad scientist get your vaccinations up to date, especially for smallpox. Ok? Ok.

Now, for you ladies who said tampons (...and going slightly off subject)

Let me open up a new world to you:

The Diva Cup.

You're welcome.

Now for the good stuff. Zee Viinnnnerrrr:

I used for the random number generator thingy.


Dum Dum Dum!

#18 Gentlewomanthief! Huzzah!

And now for a surprise...

Cause I'm currently at Burnley & Trowbridge and they have such pretty 2" wide silk satin ribbon

I want to give away some too.

Cause it's fun!

The winner of 1 yard of 2" silk satin ribbon is:

#5 Nuranar




...that was fun!

GWT and Nuranar if you can email me at abbyelyn at gmail to give me your postal address that'd be loverly. Also, Nuranar if you can pick a color between black, pink, dove gray, and lavender that would be swell, and I'll get your stuff in the mail to you on Monday! :D

Congrats to the winners!

<3 <3


  1. *squeaks* I actually won?! Wow! How exciting - I've never won anything before! Thanks so much for doing the bonus giveaway. :D

    I'll email you in a bit... I've got to decide what color! I'm leaning toward either pink or lavender - which would you find most useful for 18th century?

  2. Hey! Between the Lavender and the pink, it's hard to say which you would prefer. They're both accurate (Angela takes a lot of pride in her research and her products). The difference is, is that the lavender is a very soft lavender pale and pretty. The pink is not the same, it's a much stronger pink and is not a baby pink whatsoever. It's also really pretty. But that's really the choice. Pale lavender or Bright pink...a bit like bubble gum pink?It's hard to describe....Does this help?

    Congrats too! :D

  3. Yay, because Gentlewomanthief is an awesome girl!

  4. Oh my gods! Wee - thank you!! This is so awesome - I've been in a real funk recently, drowning in uni work and teaching preparation/marking/etc and I had a dreadful Wednesday (, so this has really cheered me up!! Thank you! (And thank you, Mme B!)

  5. Nuranar- I need your address so I can send you your silk ribbon I also need to know what color you want to! I need to get them in the post tomorrow :)

    GWT: GOt your email darling, glad this made your day! :D

    MBerg: Ditto! :D

  6. oh btw stuff is in the post, hopefully you'll get it sooooon! :)

  7. Wewt - was waiting for me when I got home today!!!! Thank yoooou!! Hmm ... now I need to decide what to go for - the lilac taffeta looks very pretty ...

  8. YAY! That was fast! Did you like the old school hand stamp? I sent that from the Colonial Williamsburg post office...I thought you'd appreciate it. :)

    The lilac taffeta is really pretty. I was admiring it when I was there this weekend. :)

  9. I was very impressed by the speed and I did notice the stamp and did a little squee!

    Also, thank you for the card and note inside - it's lovely! (And you have very nice handwriting!) I've got it in the livingroom - injecting a bit of femininity into our rather masculine living room!

    Hmm... it might have to be that fabric... I keep looking at the website and changing my mind, though! Would two yards be enough for a jacket, do you think? Decisions, decisions!

  10. Hi Abby!

    I have some questions about your research. I'd love it if you could drop me a line

    Keep up the great work!


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