My Quarter Life Crisis and Prepping for a Workshop


(Before I write anymore did you enter my giveaway? Cause if you haven't, you're just silly. $25 gift certificate to Burnley and Trowbridge! WOO!)

Anyways, for an update. Yesterday was spent ironing pleating and sewing down a petticoat that was in this weird bastardization stage? I had it half done for a while, trying to do something with it, but it didn't work out and now it's actually a socially acceptable petticoat, minus the hem. I really need to finish that hem. It's just a plain cream petticoat, and I'm wearing it as an under petticoat for the stay making workshop I'm attending this weekend in Williamsburg.

I am so excited. I get a new pair of stays!

I don't really like sewing stays though.

But I will have new stays! Huzzah!

But I really get bored sewing stays.

But my left arm wont go numb anymore! Huzzah Huzzah!

Seriously though...boning stays is a pain in my bum.

But I'll have new stays!

Be prepared for a lot of whining and procrastination.

It'll be worth it in the end though. That's what I keep telling myself. After having that kind of conversation in my head when I think about the work that will go into making myself a new pair of stays.

Also, in non sewing news. I have a confession.

I am having a quarter life crisis. And it has manifested into owning a new pet.

Her name is Tilly, and she looks at me like I'm crazy. Probably because I am, slightly.

Dirty Mouth

Her official portrait

Staring me down

Showing off her wings

Tilly will probably become a regular feature on this blog, just because she's pretty and is little miss sassy-pants.

Tomorrow I leave for Williamsburg until Tuesday. I will be updating a little bit (giveaway winner, etc). And hopefully next week I'll have some awesome posts for you to check out and a recap of my short stay in Williamsburg.

With that in mind, I'm going to go and try and do something productive....

<3 <3


  1. Tilly is adorable! Have fun at the stays workshop! I find that the most distasteful parts of sewing are so much more fun when there are other people there. Maybe misery just loves company, but when I have to cut my fabric (blecth) I like having sewing dates with a friend :)

  2. She's lovely! Oh, those eyes... What's the first thing you'll teach her to say (if she's that kind of bird)?

  3. The stay workshop in Williamsburg, total win! Looking forward to the photos, and seeing the new stays. Tilly is beautiful, my african ring neck (Charlie) is a meanie. Is Tilly able to talk?

  4. Yey for new stays!
    (And I know about whining and procrastination, I started my new pair in September and now I finally got the maock up fitted so I can start on the actual stays. And already I've started to stall it. What boning pattern in the front should I use? what colour on the hand sewn eyelets...)

    And yey for the new pet. She is adorable :)

  5. New stays and a new feather baby. What could be better? She is soooo cute! Definitely all green cheek. She has that fiery look in her eyes.


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